Don"t Even Think About Surviving, Think Thrive

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We're in tough economic times, and I get so many questions-and by the way, it's not just me.
I'm tuned into what my colleagues, associates and cohorts are doing and what they're getting, too, and it's, "How do I survive during the current economic crisis?" By the way, a lot of times this is from people who are not in any economic crisis.
But the news and the media, as you well know, are doing everything they can to make it seem universal.
And you know, we've got all this stuff: cut back, you don't need the cable, you don't need that extra high velocity Internet, you don't have to have that car of course, if you've got a car, you may already have a debt that you're stuck with.
Drive less, combine your trips, yadda, yadda, yadda.
Here's the whole story, though.
You don't even want to think about surviving-you want to think about thriving.
If it is true (and we affirm that it is) that you head towards, and you create, and you manifest in your life and you become whatever your dominant chief aim, your dominant chief thought is in life If you're thinking about surviving, you've bought into the wrong source of news.
Listen to the prosperity channel.
Get up! Think thrive! Start doing things! Listen, during the last Great Depression there were a number of businesses that thrived, not survived.
Harley Davidson, for example-what'd they do? They changed their tack.
Consumer sales were down, that was a fact, so they said, "Instead of being a consumer motorcycle, we're going to promote it as a police motorcycle," because their product was so fast.
And obviously, since the police tend to think in terms of good guy/bad guy, they were a good customer for this.
"Where we can chase down our citizens, roughhouse them, arrest them, whatever we have to do if they're speeding, going a little bit too fast-serious offense, you understand?" Harley Davidson made it possible.
And prospered during an economic downturn.
Fuller Brush broadcast to the huddled masses, "Hey, you're out there trying to make it, we'll help you make a living, we'll help you prosper in these perilous times.
" They became a multimillion dollar enterprise.
Disney, who provided entertainment: "Hey, here's where you go!" So listen, it's not about surviving.
And again, I must admit that if you find yourself in that position, you will thrive in that position.
Therein is a giant mindset difference.
But you, are not going to be satisfied with surviving, even during tumultuous economic times.
I suggest that you make your affirmation, however you want it, but make sure it includes you thriving, and it includes good energy, good news, good noise, vivid images of your achievement as it's happening!
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