Please Do Not Scratch My Woodfloors!

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Whether a company is evolving from the inception to the growth stage or from the mature to the declining stage, changes and challenges are certain to be a part of the growing process. However sudden and abrupt changes to an established organization can either leave tracks of success or nasty scratches that leave unpleasant memories for a lifetime. Organizational leaders that focus only on what goes out the door without much concern about their internal valuable assets can be likened to the careless individuals who move heavy furniture on beautiful stained wood floor and leave large and unsightly scratches.

Ever increasing changes into today's working world have already created memories that can never be erased from the American working force. Organizational pillars have fallen from grace and past employees have sought revenge from employer wrong doings by returning to the worksite and committing criminal acts of violence. As the world turns is not only a soap opera name for the domestic engineers to watch on TV. Real life is happening as our working class seeks to find the real meaning of life through organizational change. Coping with loss of jobs, lowered salaries, and leadership bad behavior has caused many people to stop and wonder if they too will be part of the statistics.

As a working people, we take pride in our beautiful shiny wood floors that we create during our working days. It feels great to build a career from a dull looking stage with not much luster to a successful top-of-the-ladder birds-eye view. It takes time, effort, diligence, and determination to build upon our jobs and careers. Every successful step taken towards personal development and growth adds another coat of shine to our wood floors. The sacrifices made in personal lives to achieve career success are not to be viewed as mandated chores but as decisions to participate in the system which is part of the American culture and the benefit of living and prospering in the freest country in the world!

Organizational leadership that looks at the entire organization as a valuable asset will take pride in the human efforts that comprise its overall success. Daily decisions made by company leaders should always consider the overall effects their decisions have on those people who are buffing their wood floors. Taking care to watch every move made with proper communication to can pay back some valuable dividends in many different ways.

 Regardless of the leadership style, every leader must consider their actions and how they affect others. Changes that produce positive organizational results are ultimately the goal of effective company leaders and every step counts towards positive memories or nasty scratches on the wood floors. Let us all take pride in our roles as leaders or buffers and do the right thing by others so our own floors can maintain the luster and shine we have built so far. Success and prosperity are not worth the nasty scratches on anyone's hard (working) wood floors. Let us be remembered by the people we touch as leaders who care enough to keep from scratching others wood floors. Happy buffing!
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