Why Weight?Five Simple And Effective Solutions To Help You Manage Weight Naturally!

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Why Weight? Five simple and effective solutions to help you manage weight naturally! by Cyndy DiBeneditto, CTN I am so sick of reading about the latest fad diet, the miracle pill and the latest hypnosis technique for losing weight.
The truth is everybody is different! No one thing will work for everyone! Most of these diets and pills are not safe.
The pills usually contain harmful stimulants and are addictive.
That's why at All Is Well, Inc, we use only certified organic herbal remedies to help you to manage weight naturally.
There are so many reasons for weight gain that I am not even going to attempt to write about all of them here.
I will say that it is NOT about giving up your favorite foods and eating celery sticks all day! What I have found out in all my years of working with people with weight issues, is that no matter what is causing weight gain or the inability to lose weight, there are simple, basic natural things that anyone can do to assist the body back into balance.
It is just a start, not an end.
The Starting Line Let's get started! These are the five simple things anyone can do to manage weight naturally with safe and effective herbal remedies no matter what the cause is.
1) Control your appetite 2) Eliminate excess body fluids 3) Increase your metabolism 4) Curb your carb cravings 5) Break down and burn off excess fat Control your appetite: Yes, it is true that a lot of people DO NOT overeat yet they are overweight.
It is not actually about the amount of food that we consume.
You may have a perfect portion of food on your plate, but if your body doesn't need all of it at that point of the day, you will overeat.
So we must pay attention to if we FEEL full.
It takes the brain about 20 minutes to send a signal that we are full.
It's best to stop before you feel full.
So even if it does not look like you ate much, it still may be too much for your body at that moment.
No matter what the reason for our weight issues, we must control our appetite.
Decrease fluid retention:Do you realize how much water weighs? Getting rid of excess fluids safely can decrease your weight by 5 - 10 pounds! Sweat! Sweat! Sweat! And drink, drink, drink! That's right! You hold on to water if you DON"T drink it.
Get a minimum of eight 8oz glasses a day.
No matter what the reason for our weight issues, we must eliminate excess body fluids..
Increase your metabolism: Let's face it.
Compared to the way of life 100 years ago, we are quite sedentary.
(As I sit with my computer on my lap, my cell phone in my pocket, hundreds of CD's at my fingertips on my I-pod, and my tv remote on the table next to me just in case!) We just don't move as much as we used to.
I prefer not to call it exercise.
I usually ask my clients "Are you moving your body?" It is really important to just move around if you want to increase your metabolism and control your weight.
Too much movement is not good either.
It's all about balance.
No matter what the reason for our weight issues, we must increase our metabolism.
Curb your carb cravings: Ahhh!!! Sugar! We all love our sweets! We all know how much quick energy we get from our beloved simple carbs! (We also know the crash landing at the finish line!) If we want to run a steady race we must consume better carbs and decrease our cravings for simple sugars.
No matter what the reason for our weight issues, we must curb our carb cravings.
Break down and burn off excess fat: When we consume excess carbohydrates, (that's right, not fats) whatever we do not use within an hour or so is stored as fat! It just sits there until we break it down and burn it off.
This can cause our entire system to be sluggish and not perform at its peak.
No matter what the reason for our weight issues, we must break down and burn off excess fat.
The finish line: How do we accomplish these five simple things? Besides the obvious things like pay attention to when you feel full, move your body, eat better quality carbohydrates, drink plenty of bottled or filtered water, and lower your fat intake, I have put together certified organic natural herbal remedies to assist you in accomplishing all of them.
Check out our "Good to Go" Weight control pack on our website http://www.
The best part of managing your weight naturally is that it is a process and you get to enjoy every step along the way.
You make your own finish line and maybe even another starting line.
Love your body! Enjoy the journey.
Don't worry, be healthy! Copyright 2007 Cyndy DiBeneditto, CTN
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