It"s Everyone"s Job To Prevent Childhood Obesity: Are You Doing Your Job With Your Child?

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If you will think about it, why are there so many obese children all over the world? Is it a by-product of our love for our children? Or perhaps is it negligence on our part towards their health? As the parents and grown-ups, we have the sole responsibility to take care of our children.
Yes, there can be no denying that it's everyone's job to prevent childhood obesity.
But the most important question becomes that of how we will do it and where to begin.
In case you are looking for the answers to such questions, find below the answers that you might just be looking for.
Here are some of them to help you start preventing childhood obesity in your child: 1.
Eating The Right Kinds Of Food Since parents choose the foods that the children will eat; or better yet, pay for all the groceries and the restaurant bills, the authority on what to buy or what to order should be the parents themselves.
Simply put, we as adults should have the last say as to what will go through our credit cards.
What's more, since it's everyone's job to prevent childhood obesity, we must know the kinds of foods that we should include in their daily diet.
These comprise of the protein-rich foods such as the dairy products cheese, butter, milk, nuts, fish, meat, vegetables and fruits, cereals and so many others.
Instead of buying chips, buy your kids their favorite cereals.
Instead of buying processed goods, buy the fresh ones.
Get rid of canned goods and sodas and concentrate on making fresh fruit juices.
Stop bringing your children to fast food restaurants to help them stay away from their most loved fries, nuggets, burgers, floats and sundaes.
Getting The Appropriate Exercise Do not allow them to just sit the whole day playing with their DS or PS3 gadgets; or perhaps get glued on the couch to watch their most favorite shows.
Because believe me, when they get glued there, every show becomes their favorite show! Involve them in cleaning up their room especially during school breaks.
That will give them a little sense of self-discipline.
Ask them to walk your dogs on the park or the playground near your house.
Or simply ask him to join you as you bike or run during weekends.
There are in fact, a lot of activities that you can encourage your children to take if only you will do so.
Swimming, basketball, badminton and so many other sports are just a few of the activities that will help them become more active; and thus, help them avoid getting obese.
Self-Discipline Last but not least, teach your children about self-discipline because with it follows self-control.
You do not have to be physically present all the time to tell your child what he needs to eat and not; or what he needs to do and not.
Indeed, the responsibility is on our shoulders and there is no doubt that it's everyone's job to prevent childhood obesity.
Are you doing a good job with your child? If not, now is the right time to start!
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