The Five Basics Of Goal Setting

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Setting a goal is meant to focus your energy and resources towards achieving a significant result.
Poorly defined goals can cause you to waste your energy, time and resources for no gain.
Before you set a goal, or help a coaching client to set his goal, consider the following basics of good goal setting: 1.
The relevance of the goal to your overall success.
No goal is a "stand alone".
It should always be part of a larger plan.
If you are on a certain life-path, it does not automatically follow that your goal should be on this path.
The goal should be on a path leading to where you eventually wish to get.
Defining the goal in measurable terms.
A goal that is not defined in measurable terms is next to useless.
If you can't measure your results, you will not know what you achieved.
If you find it difficult to define a measure to your goal, you should reconsider a different goal.
However, remember the previous bullet.
Being on the correct path is more important being able to measure your advance.
Make it a challenge.
If a goal is quite easy to achieve, it is probably not advancing you enough to make it worthwhile.
It is better to set a goal too high then too low.
Aim higher.
Make it time-bound.
Without a commitment to a due date, your goal is little more then a general notification of intent.
When you make the commitment, remember the previous point.
Make it a challenge.
Make it controlled.
Defining a measurable goal is not enough.
You need to actually measure your advance.
You should measure it on a routine basis, often enough as to assure your ability to respond in a timely manner.
When your measurements indicate a problem, make it a priority to understand it and remove what caused it.
This way you can prevent delays and setbacks from gaining momentum.
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