Learn how to properly take care of damaged hair

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Symptoms of dry and damaged hair

The first symptom of damaged hair is the loss of shining, suppleness and elasticity. The hair is weak and breaks easily. If damaged hair is surface and structure is deteriorated and film body fat is loosed, which serves as invisible protective coating. The hair is coarse, unpleasant to the touch, and the tips are gleaned. The hair tends to tangle and arrange harder. Another important symptom of dry hair is moisture loss. Each healthy hair contains enough water not only on the surface but also inside the wire. The problem occurs when the hair begins to dry and loses its water content, caused either by excessive exposure to sunlight or intensive styling dryer and other styling tools.

Some types of hair are dry naturally because of the sebaceous glands, which produce less sebum. Coating fat is reduced considerably. All these symptoms are a warning: you need to take immediate measures for your hair to regain its brilliance.

Find out what are the factors that damage the hair

Hair is often exposed to adverse conditions, which affect natural beauty. We recommend you limit everything dry hair in a greater proportion. For example, you want to avoid intensive and demanding painting, coupled with pronounced color change, blonde highlights and other chemical interventions. Through these interventions, the hair loses dermal fat and, consequently, protection and moisture.

Another cause of damaged hair consists in his arrangement - frequency in hot drying, curling, incorrect combing, use rough brushes and plaque. During drying hair, we recommend alternating the hot and cold air. It is not indicated to apply dryer directly to the hair and if air is too hot, keep a distance of at least 15 cm. It is also important for hair care ritual to be adapted for each season. In summer, hair should not be dry in excess, preferring to opt for natural methods. In winter, however, is important to completely dry your hair before going out, because frost could affect you and your hair considerably.

Stress and poor nutrition are factors omnipresent in our daily rhythm, which we cannot avoid. These are among the main causes of damaged hair.

Hair care tips

Hair care should be an important step in our beauty routine. A balanced diet and regular grooming care are fundamental rules. If your hair is very damaged, especially on the tips, you should first visit a stylist to trim your split ends. Use adequate care products to prevent further deterioration of your hair.

There are a wide range of quality products, ideal for hair care. In general, there is no fixed rule to specify how often you wash your hair. However, if your hair is dry and damaged, do not overdo, because washing is considered as a stress. Subsequent use of conditioner is a must. It gives shine and suppleness and provides easy combing. It is best to use products from the same brand and the same range, which complement each other and provide optimal care.

Babaria Jojoba and Ginseng Shampoo for damaged hair

This shampoo has repairing effect because of Jojoba and Ginseng extract composition. It is recommended for damaged and sensitive hair care. Cleanses the hair while it moisturizes and strengthens, leaving it silky, with healthy-looking glow.

Invigorate your hair with a nutritious diet and a regenerative mask at least once a week.
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