Armpit Hair Removal - Myths And Reasons

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It is a popular notion that Everything has its purpose. Even having hair under the arms has its own purpose and function. While this article discusses the myths incorporated with armpit hair, this article will also state some of the reasons why several individuals still consider armpit hair removal.

At some point of the persons puberty age, he or she will notice the growth of armpit hair. The first theory for this occurrence is that it is attracting chemicals which discreetly transmit messages to other human beings that a man or a woman is sexually ready. These are known as pheromones. The second speculation of having an armpit hair is the reduction of friction between your lower body and upper arm especially if you are doing difficult activities.

In addition to some assumptions stated above, there is also another common belief that if you choose to remove the hairs using any kind of armpit hair removal procedure, the hair will grow back thicker. This belief was based on some individuals who experienced irritation after armpit hair removal. Aside from this, underarms seem darker and more inflamed because of the ingrown hairs.

Another not so reasonable belief is that you are considered immoral if you choose to remove those unwanted hair. There is no specified reference for this belief because there are some religions and cultures that encourage their members to be always clean by removing their armpit hair. This is to prevent odor causing bacteria to live in the under arm.

The statements may seem true that some individuals are being influenced to disregard armpit hair removal procedures. But there are really some practical reasons for a person to consider different armpit hair removal ways.

Individuals with sweat gland problems are obliged to do armpit hair removal. This is done in order for deodorants and antiperspirants to take effect of making underarm skin dry.

Majority of women also consider armpit hair removal because they wanted to feel cleaner and comfortable in flaunting. Although some athletic men also considers removing their armpit hair to lessen friction when they are actively performing.
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