Could You Be The Very Person Almighty God Is Looking For To Fulfil This Vitally Important Task?

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Revival and renewal and restoration within the Church of Jesus Christ is a topic I have been reading about and studying over these past weeks and now months.
If I can share with you anything from this period of study and if I can expand this whole area of revival and spiritual life and real dynamic spirituality I would be most willing and most pleased so to do.
All you have to do is ask.
All you have to do is get in touch with me and contact me and that can be done through excellent facilities available at this website.
Never think for one single moment that Almighty God cannot use you.
Never consider that you are far too insignificant to be of any use to Almighty God.
Jesus saw something in Zacchaeus, and he had been a right rascal! Jesus saw leadership potential in Peter.
Jesus Christ knew he could make a man of Matthew.
Jesus realised that he could transform ordinary fishermen into fishers for men.
Recently I have been reading in Ezekiel Chapter 37.
Do take time to read it over carefully and prayerfully, if you are a spiritual person.
Ezekiel speaks prophetically and there is a strange sound of rattling and rushing and it is the sound of life, but something was missing, and that aspect which was missing was breath! Do you see the meaning of this passage? It is possible to organise bones, but there has to be the breath of the Spirit, and only God can impart that.
Committees and schemes and projects can achieve very little if the breath of the Spirit is not present.
If the Church of Jesus Christ is going to do the work for which we have been raised up and called we have to be on the right side of Pentecost.
Having prophesied to the bones Ezekiel is now called to a higher ministry, and he is commanded to prophesy to the winds.
After man has done everything that man can do, he is thrust back and driven back upon God! Might this be a highly relevant word for the situation and circumstances in which you find yourself? I have no idea what these could be but I do know that Almighty God has the solution and the resolution to whatever you are facing and answers and forgiveness and reconciliation and peace and transformation are all possibilities.
Our world is trying to control forces which only God-filled Christ-inspired men will ever be able to control.
The breath came on them and they lived, and stood up upon their feet and it appeared as an exceedingly great army and not a rabble, but an army which was a disciplined host waiting for the command of the commander, Jesus Christ.
Around our world today there are hosts of men and women gathering together for worship under the banner of the Cross of Jesus Christ.
There will be people wakened today by the challenge of the Cross.
Our loyalty is to Jesus Christ and His Church.
Do you remember where all this began in Ezekiel Chapter 37? Read it again and see it all started in a deep valley - and then years later on a hill outside Jerusalem - to be followed by an empty tomb - which was followed by an outpouring of the Spirit of God.
Feel the wind of God blowing in your face.
Remember what I mentioned earlier on, that should you wish me to speak on this, and expand this vital topic further, I am most willing to do so.
Whatever we are facing and experiencing in our western world and in our needy Scotland - the wind of the Holy Spirit will blow again - and Jesus Christ our Saviour will return - and ultimate victory will belong to Him.
That is our Gospel! This is good news for us, and for those around us, and for the world, and God will do His part as we do our part.
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