Pound Off the Pounds

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How familiar is it to lose something for a few minutes, a few hours or even days? A pair of sunglasses, a wallet, the car keys, even the dog.
Well we all agonize over finding these things as quickly as possible because nobody likes to deal with lost items.
It drives us crazy looking all over the place and even checking the same places several times.
I agree wholeheartedly with you as the car keys can definitely be a big pain when you need transportation right now, however there is something that if you lose it shouldn't give you a care in the world.
I am talking here about those extra pounds that you really need to shed.
Now if you pound off the pound, who is going to go into a tail spin trying to find them? Certainly not me, and hopefully not you it is all fat.
Losing weight is no laughing matter and we have all put in a lot of effort to take off those extra pounds at some time in our lives.
Some of us have even gone out looking for them and found them pretty much straight away.
It is the temptation to see if they will come back with just one little cheat that gets them creeping back in.
Well how about we learn not to look for those offending pounds and not allow the flabby fat back once it has disappeared from waist, hips, thighs and tummy.
How about not this time.
No way, no how.
We have all heard friends say that they found the pounds that you lost.
Well don't hanker after them, smile and say there are more to come if they feel like picking them up.
You certainly don't want them back so lost fat is lost as far as you are concerned.
The trim new healthy you is totally in charge here and if lost fat forever is you goal, then it is totally attainable.
You may even find that with a sharper mind due to a more healthy and fit you, that the car keys are not lost quite so often and the dog is resting after that long run that you just shared.
So go on.
Go out and lose something and don't give it a thought.
It's only fat.
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