How to Gain Weight With the Pull Up Bar

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Pull up bars are intended to strengthen the back, arm, and core (abdominal) muscles.
The back contains many muscles, but the two main muscles groups are the trapezius and the latissimus dorsi.
The arms are comprised mostly of the forearms, biceps, and tricep muscles.
The core muscles are the abdominals and the obliques.
All of these muscles (and more) are worked vigorously when a pull up is performed on a pull up bar.
As muscle is built, weight is gained.
The fibrous tissue of muscle is much more dense, and therefore, heavier than fat or any other bodily substance.
The more muscle that is built, the more weight will be directly added to a personal physique.
Furthermore, as muscles are stretched, strengthened, and made more dense, they put more strain on the the skeletal structure.
Bones are the basic structure which acts as a framework for the muscle and skin.
Even though bone appears to be completely unchanging, it actually has the capacity to grow in density or lose density.
Bone shares a characteristic with muscle - it either atrophies (loses strength) or increases in weight gaining capacity.
As bone grows more dense as a result of greater muscle mass, it becomes heavier and adds to overall weight gain.
For this reason, an obese person can have overall awful health, but good bone structure.
The best way to gain muscle mass with a pull up bar is through regular workout intervals.
First of all, it is essential that a maximum number of pull ups is attempted in order to act as a gauge of progress and growth.
Muscle mass will not only be noticeable (in a mirror for example), but it will also be understood through greater performance.
If a maximum number of repetitions is three pull ups, then working up to ten pull ups will display a legitimate increase in real strength, and therefore, muscle mass.
After maintaining an accurate count of maximum reps, it is essential to then work around this number by pushing to achieve greater performance.
Five sets of repetitions, with one to two minute breaks is a standard practice.
The breaks are important for hormonal release and muscle gains.
This routine should be performed every other day.
Different grips can be utilized in order to develop different muscle groups.
Wide grip will work the back more while a narrow grip will work the arms more.
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