Staying Pumped

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On a daily basis I struggle like everyone to stay on track.
Pursuing your dreams is all about staying pumped.
Staying excited, motivated, on fire is an on going challenge.
The realty is that no one can stay pumped all the time.
Since I wrote this article I have developed chronic fatigue and have had to take a hiatus from heavy workouts.
I suppose for someone who writes about health and wellness I shouldn't confess to any weakness.
However I would be less than honest not to be open with my readers in the hope that my experience will help others.
The good news is I am slowly coming out of this fatigue.
Plenty of rest and natural foods and supplements have been a big part of my recovery.
I write in detail later about these natural treatments.
For now let's review some key principles that guide me.
We all face daily obstacles.
Our jobs, the daily commute, family pressures, bills all interfere with keeping the faith.
Allow yourself the "brief" relapse.
Understand that it's okay and be able to forgive yourself if you experience frustration even anger at failing to live up to your expectations.
Sometimes we all need a break.
Over Christmas I ate too many cookies.
Did that ruin my diet? Am I a failure because I consume all that 'junk" food.
Absolutely not! In fact what it did for me was to reaffirm the reasons why I eat a healthy whole food diet.
I feel and look better.
All those cookies and candies, etc made me feel tired and bloated.
I don't like feeling that way and now that I got it out of my system I able to go back to my regular eating habits with renewed vigor.
To help you stay on track try focusing on these three things: 1.
Certainty of Purpose: You have a vision of who you want to be.
This gives you certainty of purpose and provides the fire that ignites your passion and daily drives your forward.
Commitment: With purpose comes the commitment to make things happen.
Daily you take action steps towards your goal.
Sure you'll fall back once in a while, but you always get up and try again.
Persistence: Persistence is the key to attaining your goals.
The steady applications of all you have learn will leave to success.
As Winston Churchill said "Never, Never, Never, Give Up!" So falling off the wagon can actually be a good thing if it recharges you and helps you stay pumped.
We are only human and no one can succeed without knowing failure.
Failure is okay if it teaches us.
It's not failure but defeat that is unacceptable.
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