Getting Ready In Front Of The Camera

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I understand lots of individuals are fearful with that and actually when I first started, I was exactly the same. I was concerned about how my hair would appear, I was worried about how my shirt would suit, I was worried about how I speak, all of that type of stuff. And it was nerve-racking. But before long, after repeating all over, after doing more of these often times, I felt much more at ease. And it's just like public conversing or getting onstage and actually talking to people in a large crowd.

Even today actually I still get nervous conversing looking at an audience of hundreds of people so it goes to show that it's not a thing that just comes naturally. But what I wished to share with you inside this video today is to provide some suggestions regarding how to have the ability to produce videos and be comfortable looking at the camera and it's very much applying thing. It's not something which will just come effortlessly to you but once you get used to it, it will become very easy and that's how I'm eager to make plenty of videos very quickly because I can just hop in front of the camera and just give you my knowledge and tips regarding how to do it.

If you're not relaxed with doing the camera first, that's okay. Script it out. Write down some notes. But the most important thing is just write down an overview or guide so that way you don't get mentally empty. It is possible to stand facing the camera and talk by following your guides. And it's okay if you've got to look at the script here, it's good to scan it off sometimes but be sure that you have your eye contact with the camera. Second tip I wish to share with you is imagine as if there is a person in front of you like a friend whom you are conversing with. And it'll be like gazing or actually talking to somebody like you're introducing them to the very first time about a certain issue.

The third tip I would like to provide is turn it into interview style and it's actually not that hard to do. So once more, it's much like number two except that you don't have to appear in front of the camera, it is possible to actually look at the side which is what I'm going to do at this time and pretend that there's someone looking at you. And also have a set of questions or you're pre-prepped.

So as it is possible to see that wasn't that difficult. You can stand in front of the camera, facing at a different angle and get an interview type of style. So that is my third tip there and really there's not much more that I can give you in terms of how to overcome the fear of that but I think the biggest thing is rehearsing. And overtime, once you become comfortable to get facing the camera and speak and discuss concepts like this it becomes much, much easier I can guarantee you do that because for me personally, I've done it. This is how I communicate everyday, I communicate to my wife like this as well so before too long it is very easy to be able to speak with you and I hope that's how you feel when you enjoy these videos with me.
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