Happiness - Enjoy the Complicated Things in Life Too!

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We've all heard the quote; "enjoy the simple things in life!" Sure, sounds like a plan, not a bad idea at all right? Okay, but that does not mean you shouldn't enjoy the complicated things in life too.
For instance, a brand new Chevrolet Corvette with a Calloway is a high-tech automobile, with lots of complicated parts, engine technology, and completely complex.
Should we then not enjoy it? Well, sure we should that is why we buy these things.
Some say that folks should relax and not get all caught up in the expensive toys, rather they should be very happy with little things, things that do not cost much and do not have too much intricacy.
Okay fine, but if you like to listen to music what's wrong with enjoying complex music like Mozart on your iPod, which is nothing short of a personal technological marvel right? Sure, it is simple in form, but inside is decades of innovation and computer chip excellence.
See the point.
So, today, I'd like you to consider enjoying the more complicated things in life.
Why? Because most likely you are already enjoying the simple things in life, like sunsets, walks on the beach, and being one with a good book, or perhaps watching a good movie.
Why not, ditch all that tranquility and enjoy the really wicked crazy complexity that makes up our world.
Please just think about it.
Just because we are told to enjoy the "simple stuff" certainly doesn't mean that we have to stop there.
Enjoy it all!
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