How to Wrestle Like Samoa Joe

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    • 1). Learn the fundamentals of wrestling and get your body fit. Wrestlers need to have great strength, but they also need to have superior flexibility. Go on a regimen of alternated stretching and weight training to get into the proper shape. While there are infinite possibilities in wrestling, there are definitely basics from which everything else grows. Learn all of the basic holds and get accustomed to sailing into the mat and pretending to impale yourself on turnbuckles.

    • 2). Examine Samoa Joe’s style. He’s not the fastest fighter, and that’s probably because of his size. His stamina and power mean that he wins matches by outlasting and overpowering his opponents. Instead of chasing other wrestlers around, he prefers to remain stationary and club an opponent with a leg or foot. With all of the power in his arms and legs, he wisely opts for submission holds and aerial takedowns. When you’re moving around the ring, try to mimic his wide-shouldered posture as well.

    • 3). The Miracle Buster has won Samoa many matches. To do this move, grab your opponent’s legs with your arms and press your head next to theirs, so you can lift them upside down into the air. Drop to the mat to mangle a wrestler’s neck and shoulder.

    • 4). Perform a Coquina Clutch when you have your opponent on the ground, facing away from you. Weave your stronger arm around his neck and compress the windpipe gently with your forearm to perform a sleeper hold. The Clutch combines this with a body scissors, during which you lock your opponent in place with your legs.

    • 5). Carry yourself like Samoa Joe while in the ring. Samoa Joe wrestles with power and intensity and intimidates his opponents with his laserbeam stare. Practice your hardcore stare until people know you’re a force to be reckoned with.

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