Tips for Staying in a Hotel With a Baby

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If you have never stayed in a hotel room with a baby before you might not think it's a very big deal. Indeed, hotel visits with a baby in tow can be wonderful, but they can also be difficult and stressful. A little preparation and a few realistic expectations can allow your hotel stay with a baby to be a great one.
Bedding/Portable Cribs. Most hotels offer portable cribs for their guests with babies. Guests need to be aware what exactly constitutes a "portable crib." Many portable cribs offered by hotels are nothing more than pack 'n plays which are really portable playpens that can double as beds. Rarely do these pack 'n plays offered by hotels come with fitted sheets. Often hotels expect guests to be able to set up the pack 'n play by themselves as well. So what does all this mean for guests visiting a hotel with a baby? When you call to reserve your room, ask what the portable cribs are like. If the hotels offers only a pack 'n play, you might want to bring your own. Bringing your own allows you to bring an item that you know is clean and one that you can bring your own sheet for and set up easily. If noting else, at least bring your own pack 'n play sheet just to be safe.

Noise. If you are visiting a hotel with your baby and you know your baby tends to wake up at all hours crying, be sure to scout out some "quiet" areas in the hotel before bedtime. Check out the lobby or other common areas where you might be able to take your child. While just about all hotel guests will tolerate a little crying from your baby, excessive crying is likely to lead to some guest complaints. Scoping out a few areas where you can take your baby just in case being away from home leads to excessive crying, may save you some stress.

Bottles and Breastfeeding. Keep in mind that hotel rooms will not be equipped with kitchen sinks and dish soap. Taking your baby to a hotel may make cleaning bottles difficult. To combat this, try bringing enough clean bottles for the trip so you don't have to wash at all, or even use Playtex Drop-ins that are pre-sanitized and can be thrown away. If you are breastfeeding and pumping, you may not have a great place to wash your breast pump equipment. You may not have a refrigerator to store your breastmilk in either. When staying in a hotel room with your baby, look for a room that has a refrigerator and a microwave. You can store your breastmilk in the refrigerator and steam clean your breast pump parts in a Medela Quick Clean Steam bag. These two small amenities can make all the difference when staying in a hotel with a baby.

Staying in a hotel with your baby can be a wonderful experience or a really stressful one. A little planning and research will ensure that the next hotel stay you have with your baby is a great one.

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