Healthy Holiday Eating Tips - 3 Smart Ways to Keep The Holiday Weight Off

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There are certain things that go hand in hand when the holidays roll around.
Giving thanks, seeing family and friends, eating delicious foods, and for many of us...
gaining weight.
But, no one says you can't enjoy holiday meals without getting bigger around your waistline.
With that said, there are some things that you can do to lessen the likelihood that you'll gain weight, during the holidays.
Some of which will take very little effort, such as:
  • Switching Things Up
  • Sipping Water
  • Eating Slowly
Switch Things Up Before reaching for that huge turkey leg, or getting a big slice of ham, and building the other foods around that - switch things up.
Build around the vegetables, instead.
Start by filling at least half of your plate with vegetables.
Then add meat, potatoes, and other foods.
You'll feel satisfied faster with the vegetables, and you'll eat less of the foods that are higher in calories.
Here's an example: You'd start by making sure half of your plate is filled with vegetables.
Next comes your choice of meat.
This will take up a small quarter of your plate (turkey, ham, fish, etc.
That leaves one quarter of the plate, that can be used for yams, mashed potatoes, or any other item.
You'll want to keep gravy and creamy toppings to a minimum, to cut down on calories.
Sip Water If you have a tendency to eat until you're stuffed, then maybe sipping water will help.
Sipping water as you eat, helps you to feel satisfied faster.
Do this and you'll eat less than you normally would.
Also, try to only drink water, or unsweetened drinks.
Doing so, will cut down on the overall calories of your meal.
Tip: Drinking a glass of water before you eat, will help you to eat less, too.
Eat Slowly Rather than woofing down your food, take the time to chew slowly, and savor every bite.
Taking your time to eat will give your stomach time to let your brain know when you're satisfied.
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