Get Rid of Stress - 19 Ways

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Tolerating ambiguity will lessen stress.
No one ever really knows how anything will turn out.
You can't pinpoint the exact problem every time, or always know the truth, or who's right.
Do your best, let the rest go.
Settle for ambiguity, put unresolved issues aside, and move on.
Save yourself, heal yourself, and rest yourself in the unexpected! Thinking Life should follow your plan because you really want it or really deserve it, is stressful.
Strive for excellence rather than reward.
Do your best.
Leave the final outcome to fate.
This time may not be your time.
This day may not be your day.
Keep plugging ahead anyway.
Calm acceptance of betrayal, failure, injustice, loss, and bad luck reduces stress.
Take courage.
Be noble.
Own your failures faster.
Denial and repression take needed energy and they cause stress.
Practice embarrassment.
'I feel like a fool right now, sorry!' Relax, we're all just human beings here! 5.
Think of any loss as something that will develop your character and make you stronger.
Thus, a 'bad sales day' becomes a 'good character day.
' 6.
Give someone else the last word.
Be wrong.
Let someone else be clever.
Lighten up.
Laugh at yourself for always wanting attention.
We're all just big kids! 7.
Give yourself 'Free Minutes.
' To hurry is stressful.
Leave 15 minutes early.
It will relieve every tense muscle in your body.
Relax your shoulders.
Drop 'doing it all' for humbler goals like 'getting something done at all.
' 'Perfect' is stressful.
'Humble' is healing.
Free yourself from arbitrary and unilateral deadlines.
Tomorrow or next week is probably soon enough.
No one's ever really that impressed anyway.
Stop! Don't do that 'one more thing' that makes you late.
Being late leads to stress.
And besides, you annoy everyone.
When all is lost, you'd be surprised how freeing it is to accept that you are nothing but a damn fool, and start your life all over from this very real place.
It is noble to try and fail.
Some people don't like you all the time, and sometimes everybody doesn't like you.
There are times you must stand alone.
It is not easy but it is honorable.
Assert yourself quietly and calmly.
Speak your own truth and take the consequences.
Risk honest failure.
Then, win or lose, you win yourself.
Be strong.
Do your own work the best you can.
Don't whine, blame, or demand respect.
Life doesn't 'owe' you anything.
It is you that owe Life.
Give yourself a 'Free Stop!' You are never obligated to answer anyone immediately.
You can take a moment to think anything over.
'Hmmmm, let me think about that for a minute.
' 17.
Celebrate rejection.
Not that you are glad to get it but you are ecstatic to survive it, and stronger, and wiser.
Again, it is noble to try and fail.
Meet adversity head on, eyes open.
What's the worst that can happen? Denial causes stress.
Acceptance cures it.
Fear causes stress.
Blame is how we avoid fear.
To know how fearful you are, see if you blame anybody or anything for any perceived lack in your life.
You won't catch your blaming at first.
Check out your self-talk.
You must want to know your hidden fears before they reveal themselves so you can face them.
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