Women Require More Antioxidants Than Men!

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While many health conditions affect both men and women, a number of womens health issues are such because of our reproductive equipment! But besides that, a number of medical conditions may cause different symptoms in females, affect women differently than men, and may require different treatment or prevention.
Besides menopause, ovarian and cervical cancer, and pregnancy, which are unique to ladies, other medical conditions play a large role in ladies health.
Breast cancer and osteoporosis are thought of as womens health Issues, although they also occur in men.
Heart disease is a serious concern to both men and women, but risk factors and preventive strategies may differ in females, and women may experience different symptoms of an impending heart attack than men.
Womens health issues include concerns over aging, care giving to our children partners and parents! Add to that emotional health issues, and even skin care! Do "anti-aging" products and surgeries work for women? This is a question for which there is no absolute answer, as we have changes for many different reasons, and not just for vanity! Natural facial irregularities, lines and spots are perfectly compatible with charm, expressiveness, good grooming or whatever is meant by beauty.
Gray or white hair can look good on us as we move into our middle years and beyond, as hair color can clash with our skin tones, and damage the hair shaft and follicles causing irritated skin, and even hair loss.
There is beauty in older people.
If we can see aging as a bodily experience with eyes that can be pleased, character and expression is shown in creases that can distress ourselves, but is read by others as "laughter lines", and they see the expression, not the lines! Women Require More Antioxidants Than Men! Because women have the miracle of birth possible, all the equipment for that requires a lot of maintenance! A new study suggests that women require antioxidants, and may require more antioxidants than men because they experience more oxidation.
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