Emotional Effects Of Abortion

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The after effects of an abortion vary from one woman to another.
The emotional effects are quite common with women after they have an abortion.
This is the reason why there are counseling services available at abortion clinics to help a woman over come the emotional phase they go through after having an abortion.
There is a greater possibility that when this emotional phase of a woman is not dealt with care, can lead to serious psychological problems.
The possible emotional effects of an abortion a woman can face are • Anxiety about termination of pregnancy • Guilt of not being able to carry the pregnancy to term, and having an abortion • Regret of terminating pregnancy • Low self confidence that leads to the woman confining herself to a room and avoiding people.
75% of women had lesser self confidence after terminating pregnancy.
• 58% of the women had insomnia and bad dreams after an abortion • Shame on terminating pregnancy • Depression • Suicidal thoughts.
56% of women felt suicidal after terminating pregnancy out of which 39% had attempted suicide.
• About 57% of women had issues in relationships after terminating pregnancy • 82% of women felt being lonely after terminating pregnancy.
Loneliness was felt as guilt and low self confidence have made it difficult for her to face people • 39% of the women had eating disorders like anorexia, bulimia or binge eating began after terminating pregnancy.
• Unexplained anger or rage at simple things.
About 48% of women were found to be violent when angry.
• Emotional block that deadens the emotions of the woman.
A majority of women i.
82% were reported to have emotional deadening.
It is less likely that a woman feels good about terminating pregnancy; there is always remorse that is always followed by an abortion.
The women who usually have these emotional effects of ending pregnancy have so because of various reasons like religious beliefs that consider abortion a dreadful act, women who already have psychological issues, having conflicts regarding thoughts on terminating pregnancy on social and moral grounds and no support from the husband in the matter of terminating pregnancy.
The emotional effects of ending pregnancy can be faced by women who have been forced to have end their pregnancy or a woman who has to end her pregnancy due to fetal abnormalities.
If a woman notices one or more of the above mentioned side effects she should make sure that she undergoes counseling sessions immediately.
A woman should always have options to consider before arriving at a decision like abortion, and when having no choice, she should be counseled well so that she is able to cope well after having an abortion.
It is also important that a woman who has had an abortion be with people she is comfortable with and who can take good care of her.
It is also a good idea to let the woman talk to other women who have had an abortion done so that it makes her feel better about having an abortion and how the other woman dealt with the effects of abortion.
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