How to Prepare My Child to Meet Her Father She Does Not Know

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    • 1). Talk about expectations. Your child may have a lot of excitement about meeting her father. Discuss realistic expectations so she does not think something might happen that will not. Let your child know that regular contact may not happen immediately or ever, depending on what the father has agreed to.

    • 2). Answer questions. If your child asks questions about why she does not know her father, answer as positively as possible. states that you should answer questions truthfully in a language the child will understand. For instance, state that the father was just not ready for fatherhood previously if she asks why he has been absent.

    • 3). Start with a letter. According to the Oregon Department of Justice, a letter provides communication between the father and daughter without being overwhelming. Once your child starts to have positive communication with her father, this will allow her to feel more comfortable meeting him.

    • 4). Encourage a phone call. Before your child meets her father face to face, a phone call will help her begin to feel at ease with him. Keep the conversation short so your daughter does not get anxious. You should also listen to the phone call to make sure the conversation is appropriate.

    • 5). Plan a shared activity or event. The first time your daughter meets her father, you should participate in light entertainment. Go out for ice cream or to a restaurant as a trio to keep the meeting from becoming awkward.

    • 6). Form a plan if the father wants to continue seeing his daughter. Ask your daughter how often she would like to see her father, and then decide together when the next visit will happen.

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