How Are Great Lengths Extensions Attached to Hair?

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    • First, a consultation is performed to determine the style that the client is trying to achieve as well as an explanation of the process. The consultation also allows clients to choose hair in terms of color and type that will match their existing hair to provide a seamless look between the client's hair and the actual extension.

    Hair Preparation

    • After the consultation, the client's hair is then prepped for the extensions. This consists of washing, deep conditioning and drying the hair. Performing this step will optimize the bond between the extension and the hair by giving the bond a clean surface to adhere to.


    • When beginning the actual application process, the hair is sectioned into rows. A few strands of the clients hair then is placed against the pre-bonded human hair approximately 1 1/2 inches from the base of the scalp. Next, an ultrasonic machine is used to seal the client's natural hair with the pre-bonded human hair. The machine uses ultrasonic waves to seal the hair without damaging the client's natural hair. The end result is seamless since the molecular structure of the polymer bond is similar to that of human hair. Each row is finished until the desired look is achieved.


    • After the application process is complete, clients then can opt to have their extensions styled. This is customary with each Great Lengths application process. The hair is then cut into layers, flat ironed or curled to achieve a desired look.


    • Maintenance of Great Lengths is similar to that of your own hair; however, it is important to refrain from using products that contain alcohol. Alcohol saturated products may compromise the bond overtime. While Great Lengths hair extensions last from four to six months, it is important to revisit your Great Lengths technician for monthly maintenance to ensure that the bond is properly secured.

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