How to Make Wine With Juice

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    • 1). Obtain fruit juice. There are a variety of possible choices for fruit wine, but you must ensure that the juice doesn't contain any substances that will be harmful to the yeast. For example, commercial juices may contain a preservative, such as sodium benzoate. Additionally, the citric acid in citrus fruits will make it difficult to make fruit wine from these fruits.

    • 2). Add enough raw sugar to make the fruit juice 24 percent sugar. You can use a saccharometer to measure the sugar concentration as you gradually add raw sugar to the fruit juice. You can do this by placing the saccharometer in the fruit juice and reading the value on its scale at the surface level of the liquid.

    • 3). Add a pinch of wine or baker's yeast. The specific type of commercial yeast is generally not critical for homemade fruit wine. Both types are equally capable of making a fruit wine with 12 percent alcohol.

    • 4). Pour this mixture into a container (carboy) that you will use to ferment fruit juice into wine. Commercial carboys are made of food-safe material and are equipped with a filter that allows air in but keeps out wild yeast. However, home winemakers frequently use an ordinary plastic jug with a hole punched in the lid.

    • 5). Place the carboy in a cool, dark place and allow it to ferment for 1 to 2 weeks, depending on the specific recipe. Decant the wine into bottles while leaving the dregs in the carboy. The fermentation will be complete after about 2 weeks, but the wine will continue to age for at least a year.

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