How to Be Confident Instead of Shy and Insecure

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Everything depends on how you feel, and this is why you have to learn how to feel well all the time, independently of where you could be.
There are many things you can do in order to feel strong.
You must take action, and put into practice everything that you can do to help yourself become confident, instead of being shy and insecure.
A good tactic is to underestimate everyone, thinking that everyone is too ignorant and silly on many points, so you don't have to be afraid of their judgment.
You have the impression that other people are more important, and their opinion is essential.
This is why you have no courage to face them...
However, they are not as important as you believe, and they don't really care about analyzing your behavior.
So, don't feel that they are constantly criticizing you, they are superior, and things like that, but pay attention to their mistakes.
They are human beings like you; you don't need to be afraid of their judgment, as if they were the most important creatures in the universe.
As a matter of fact, you are shy and insecure exactly because you are too afraid of other people's criticism, which means that you want to be considered always perfect.
You have to simply abandon your pride and say to yourself that you have the right to make mistakes and learn; you don't need to be perfect.
Accept saying to yourself: "So, what?" Where you ridiculous on a certain occasion? So, what? This is not the end of the world.
You are learning.
Tomorrow you'll be wise.
Accept making mistakes, and accept being despised by other people without feeling sad about that, but think that they were not able to recognize who you are and admire you, because they are silly.
But of course, avoid staying near people that don't like you if this is not necessary, and don't try to conquer their sympathy, because you'll feel frustrated and humiliated in the end.
If you see that certain people make fun of you, are too aggressive with you or ignore you completely, stay far from them.
Why lose your peace of mind and happiness because they act like animals? Look for people that can admire your qualities.
This is a very big world, full of different people.
Look for the people that have your style and like the same things you do, even if you have to go somewhere else, very far from the places you usually go, and very far from your group of friends.
Keep working on transforming your behavior without giving up.
You'll soon become a very confident person, and build a fascinating personality!
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