Happiness is a Gateway to Success

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If you are not happy, you cannot become successful.
Happiness is not an external feeling.
It is the in thing of your heart and thought.
Happiness and sadness in life are the two sides of the same coin.
Feeling depressed for small failures and happy for small successes is the nature of human being.
Some people always feel happy without reacting to the external influences.
They always practice detached attachment.
They are attached and at the same time detached to the circumstances which influence them to involve in the happenings.
If you involve and indulge yourself in the results of your actions, you will feel sad in the event of failure.
If you maintain distance and alienate yourself with the results of your actions, you will always feel happy.
Successful people always detach themselves from the results of their actions.
The following tips will help you to live life happily: i.
Never get disturbed with depressing news.
Control your emotions and maintain balance.
Take happiness and sadness in your stride and try to enjoy both.
Never interfere in unnecessary things which you cannot solve.
Always try to maintain good relations within your circle of friends.
Never listen to others advice which may mar your happiness.
If anything in the past disturbed your happiness, forget such incidents and divert your attention by reading interesting books or chatting with your friends.
Never give way to negative feelings which will kill your enthusiasm and make you inactive.
Always develop love towards your work.
Your love towards your work will inspire you to move ahead consistently.
Everybody assesses their efforts and dream of results.
Forget your hardship and always think of great results which you are going to achieve.
This will always keep you in good mood to scale greater heights of success.
A smile is more powerful to overcome your hardship.
If you have the will and wish to be happy always, success could not dare to elude you.
Cheerful atmosphere is not permanent anywhere in the world.
Irritants, impatience, depression, anger are natural qualities of human beings.
If you try to overcome these weaknesses, you will be always happy and can create cheerful atmosphere around you.
Always avoid incidents and circumstances which will make you feel sad.
Happiness is a state of mind.
It is not available in the external world.
If you wish to be happy, nobody can grab your happiness.
Wake up early in the morning and tell yourself 'I want to be happy today'! Nobody can disturb your happiness.
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