How to Attract Money - Hustle But Let it Flow

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Money Is Flowing Energy Take a dollar bill out of your pocket.
Observe the green ink, president (hopefully Andrew, Ulysses, or Benjamin;) ) and number in each corner.
It's a piece of paper.
With ink.
A few symbols.
And a number.
That's it.
People work themselves to death over green paper.
Many live in abject poverty.
All because of how they view green paper.
The ideas which they associate with the paper invest it with reality.
It's always your thinking which causes it to be.
Most don't realize that money is a form of energy.
Everything in the Universe is.
We perceive things as being different since these energies are vibrating at various frequencies.
That is why you appear to be different from your pet cat, a car, or a stove.
Same energy, different forms.
Money is not immune from this Universal Law.
When two energies are in harmony they attract.
If not they repel one another.
This is why so any are poor.
They are not in harmony with money so they block its flow into their lives.
To attract cash you must be in harmony with it.
A Hard Work Consciousness The general notion is that you must work hard for the little green paper which symbolizes money.
Tell that to a lottery winner.
Some attract hundreds of millions of dollars without rendering a service which would command this compensation.
But lottery winners are not immune from the Universal Law.
The fact that they attracted the cash proves it.
They probably weren't aware of how they attracted it.
This is because the impulses which they emitted were from the subconscious mind.
They had ideas of vast wealth deeply embedded in their mind which manifested as the wealth which they received.
The ideas stored in the subconscious create your reality.
We either originate thoughts or accept them from an outside source, charge them with emotion, and impress them on the subconscious mind.
This is the god-like part of everyone which helps to shape their reality.
It sends out impulses which are answered by the Universe.
Hard work is seen as normal.
You are subconsciously conditioned to believe that working is THE means through which you receive money.
The harder you work, the longer you work, the more money you get.
This results in an early trip to the graveyard for most.
People were not meant to work 20 hour days.
Nor were they meant to sacrifice by working 3 jobs.
God didn't give us a finite amount of time here on earth to slave away.
Not with our mind power.
If this sounds hokey, it's OK.
It used to sound strange to me too.
But I asked myself this question: "Does my current way of thinking serve me?" I was unhappy with my financial situation.
When you are unhappy, something's wrong because happiness is your natural state.
I made the decision to be happy and was guided to where I am now.
Work Is Necessary I don't want to minimize the idea of work.
By thought we receive what we want.
By action we receive it.
In theory we have the ability to manifest money or whatever we want if we are in perfect harmony with the Universe.
There have been a handful of sages and adepts who have achieved instant manifestation.
This leap of faith is too much for most so it's best to receive along the the channels which commerce and industry have established.
Work, but never feel you have to or need to work in order to receive money.
This sets up one channel to wealth: your job.
The Universe has Infinite channels.
Devote time to work but also dedicate time to thought.
Your thinking creates your reality.
Thought Causes All Cash will flow into your life when you allow it.
If your cash flow is low you're blocking the flow.
You're holding negative ideas concerning money.
Maybe you think it's bad.
Or that you need to work hard for it.
There are more limiting beliefs about cash than I can list here.
Negative ideas block the flow of energy.
Positive ideas allow energy to flow.
Try this.
Find a quiet spot.
Grab a notepad and write at the top of the page: WHAT I THINK ABOUT MONEY List your beliefs.
Be honest with yourself.
There is no good or bad, just belief systems which you were impressed with.
When aware of any limiting beliefs you can release them.
The key is to find them.
Quiet time spent deep in thought will help you do so.
Cash is a form of energy.
Just like you.
When these 2 energies are in harmony the possibilities are limitless.
There are no limits in the Universe, just those which people create for themselves.
What type of relationship do you have with money?
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