This Person So Genera Our Neighbor

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This person so genera our neighbor is the person who also helps us here and just period three weeks ago we installed a computer system office and so the person who was coming out trainers arrived he was going to give us attaining for one week and so every day I would have a neighbor for one week but I would never have to make and so and I prayed lord help me to be the right kind of neighbor for this you for opportunity the first morning he joined with as hews there eight o'clock ever start inside privately and that he wanted to-do part of our freight Pretoria prefer a computer program great for us understanding pigeons and I could tell touched his heart and so later during the day had an opportunity to talk to him about some simple health principles and dietary principle.
He was having some from just simple problems with diabetes which isn't simple but early it was very early in his doctor had told him about important change dot and so I could share what that meant how to change that and so we walked toward the carbide he stayed an extra our that day just sort of hanging around in when people sort out hang around you know there's something else they want to say but they're afraid to say it but you got to given the opportunity and so it can't carry around right tithe car door and thus.
I talk a little bit more about health and then he said your religious person archer he and I said yes I love juices and he says I've been pieces have you ever studied anything about the prophecies it is right now I'm studying the processes but I don't really understand and so I told them I said tomorrow night Garcinium appears late that day ago cut I have another appointment and I also saw that it was probably bestow have him walking more cease com are night will study a prophecy that changed and so it was interesting that so we studied that than eccentricity gain too and change never condenser so each night study a little bit we had three evenings and he says you know I'd listen to your team make so much sense but he says I'm reading all these other books and he says that it's quite confusing.
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