Results to Expect from Cosmetic Dentistry

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A cosmetic dentist Houston [] is not expected to work miracles. However, for those who wish for better smiles, the results can be pretty close. Cosmetic dentistry can give a person more than just an aesthetically pleasing smile. It can have the effect of increasing self-confidence, improving speech, and making communication easier.

When thinking about availing of the services of a cosmetic dentist, it is important to find out all of the options available. Do not go into a dental office with the mindset of simply whitening the teeth or fixing a chipped tooth. It is better to have a dental exam to find out any underlying problems. For example, uneven teeth could mean that an individual grinds his or her teeth while sleeping so the teeth become worn down. It is also possible that yellowing teeth is a sign of decay. These problems would have to be alleviated before any cosmetic dentistry work is conducted.

There are many results that can be achieved from cosmetic dentistry. One of the most common procedures is to fix cracked or broken teeth. Damage to a tooth or several teeth can result from several causes. A blow to the tooth from an accident can result in sufficient trauma that it chips off or falls out. In this situation, cosmetic dentistry offers the solution: new dental restorative procedures and materials can allow plastics to bond directly with the chipped tooth.

Another common complaint about the teeth is that there are gaps. These gaps can result from when the tooth starts to develop and they fail to do so correctly. Cosmetic dentistry then makes use of crowns and laminates to create a better smile. They close up the gaps to even up the teeth. Similar to how the closing of the gaps work, a gummy smile can be alleviated by cosmetic dentistry.

Some people have pronounced gums because the teeth do not fully erupt. Dealing with this requires a simple procedure of removing the excess gums. The rest of the tooth is exposed for an improved smile. To complement these procedures, cosmetic dentistry also offers the option of teeth whitening. Bleach or other chemicals can be used to alter the color of the teeth.

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