A Psychic Hears: Everything Went Wrong Today!

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Have you been having those days where everything went wrong? Are you in a period that feels like nothing is working right? You are not alone! If you walk outside right now, go up to the first person you see and ask them how their day was yesterday, I think that you would hear that everything went wrong in that persons life as well.

Mercury is Retrograde. If everything went wrong yesterday, and for the past 3 weeks, you can blame Mercury. The planet spins more slowly on its axis 3 to 4 times a year. We have all heard the stories of how emergency rooms and police stations man extra people for full moons. Thats a moon. Mercury is a planet. The full moon energy lasts for 24 hours. The energy from Mercury lasts for roughly 60 days from start to finish. Our society prepares for a full moon but completely discounts Mercury Retrograde, and all other planetary movements. It seems illogical, doesnt it?

The key word of Mercury Retrograde is re: reroute, regroup, resend, reword. Communications, machinery, equipment and relationships all seem to break down. I walked in to my vets office two weeks ago on a Monday morning and his HVAC was broken, his computer system was not working and his phone system was acting up. All I could think about was how, due to Mercury Retrograde, everything went wrong over the weekend in that office. Is your life going like that as well? I sure hope not! If it is, please know that this too shall pass! The energy from this particular Mercury Retrograde will be completely dissipated after September 10, 2011. The best way to get through this period is to be in acceptance mode. Understand that things are going to slow down. Things are going to break. Things are going to seem convoluted and confusing. Watch how you react to delays and breakdowns in communications. People say really stupid stuff without really meaning to during a Mercury Retrograde.

Relationships of all kind have a tendency to break down badly during this period as well. It is really easy to overreact. We all feel like we are sprinting through neck high mud. Couple that with someone saying something that we misinterpret or misunderstand, and it becomes easy to just blow like a volcano. Everything went wrong in our life, now this person is saying this stupid stuff and we react. Please remember to breath before speaking or reacting. It would be nice if we could all do that all the time! During a Mercury Retrograde it becomes even more important. You are not the only one overreacting. The other person is overreacting, misinterpreting and having a day where everything went wrong as well. Before you yell at your Mother, boss, sister, cousin, lover or best friend, stop and breathe. Now breathe again. Everything went wrong so far, but you can make it so much better by not reacting. Energy, moods, and bad times always pass. We always have the proverbial sun come up. This too shall pass!
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