Playing Dress Up With Your Children

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Why should Halloween costumes be limited to Halloween? Children enjoy playing dress-up year-round.
It makes sense to get more use out of costumes by allowing children to play with them all year.
Parents may be astounded at how creative play is when children are playing dress-up.
Since old costumes or clothes no longer suitable for wear would just be in the way otherwise and would be gotten rid of, it makes sense to give them instead to children.
Costumes can become part of dramatic play as well.
Encourage the kids to perform in a play they develop.
It can become a social event also; invite the neighborhood children to take roles and participate.
A good play also will require props.
Let the kids go through the house and decide (within reason) what they will need.
Make sure they understand that they have to put away anything they take out.
Don't worry about coming up with a formal stage to use though.
If you can manage to improvise a stage, the kids will be even more excited, but this is not necessary.
Your kids will be thrilled if you are willing to play a role.
Don't worry if you can't act, are shy, or don't like being watched.
The play is about having fun, not putting on a professional show.
Let the kids direct you, and get into the role and have fun.
Another idea is to tape the action and tuck the tape into a time capsule for future viewing in 5 or 10 years.
Imagine how much fun the kids will have seeing their younger selves at creative play! Some plays that kids design they perform over and over, and others are performed with changes each time.
Either way is fine.
One concern with time capsule recordings is replay.
You may find that the disk or tape used to record is no longer in use in 5 or 10 years and cannot be viewed.
You might also consider taking notes during a performance and producing a script.
Unlike disks or videotapes, writing will not become obsolete.
Imagine Ð your grandkids could perform this same play long in the future!
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