Human Agility Training

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    • In general terms, agilty means being able to move your body quickly and easily while maintaining body control and balance. In athletic terms, agility is often more specifically defined as the ability of an athlete to quickly stop and start and to change directions without losing motor control.

    Improving Agility Through Drills

    • To improve your agility, perform drills that require rapid body changes. Change quickly from forward to backward movement, from side to side and up and down. Do several sets of the drills, focusing on moving quickly and efficiently.

    Improving Linear Acceleration

    • To improve linear acceleration, athletes can do transition runs. Transition runs involve alternately walking, jogging and running in 5- to 10-yard increments. Transitions runs can include running forward and backward, changing direction and stopping and starting quickly.

    Cone Drills

    • Athletes can use a variety of cone drills to improve their agility. Cones can be set up in rows, squares, circles, triangles or other shapes such as letters and numbers. Athletes can jump over the cones, run around the cones in different patterns, weave between the cones or run to the cones. Cone drills can improve an athlete's ability to stop and start quickly and to change directions without losing balance or speed.

    Jumping Rope

    • Jumping rope can improve an athlete's speed and footwork. Jump-rope drills for agility include a basic jump with feet together, jumping with alternate feet, and jumping side to side or back and forth.

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