Don"t Get Short-Changed - You Can Be A Creator Yourself!

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Ever wondered whether you can create anything useful? You certainly have.
It could have been an art piece, a novel, a life saving product, or just anything that attracts people's admiration.
And right in your mind, you had wished that you were the creator.
But after some logical deductions, you realized that it was just a figment of your imagination! And you sheepishly tell yourself that it is just beyond your capability.
Most people will just leave it at that and never move beyond the initial idea.
Fortunately, some of us will not take it lying down and instead of surrendering, will instead forge forward and make their idea into a creation, be it an art piece, a book, or some inventions.
Perhaps you did not measure up to the educational level that the job required, but then again, you certainly have heard of creators that were lowly educated.
High educational level is not a prerequisite for creative capabilities.
Anyone can create.
You just need a very positive attitude to complete your creations, as there are many obstacles along the way.
If you were to ask around, you will hear a lot of ideas, but you will not easily find creations.
You will need to go beyond the ordinary to be able to create anything.
Besides having a very positive attitude, you will also need an inquisitive mind.
Not every creation requires deep knowledge of the subject matter.
And with today's internet, you can easily find out things that you do not know about with a few clicks of the mouse.
You will need to expand some energy to find out about things, as well as a lot of determination.
Inferiority complex is the main reason why people don't pursue their ideas to fruition.
And they will normally look around to see whether there is anybody else who has done it.
Of course they can't find anybody and so all their initial inspirations disappear into thin air! Here is a very useful trick that you can use to make things happen.
It is as simple as telling yourself that 'you' yourself will do the impossible and you will 'do' it.
If you can't find any creators among your crowd, it would even be better, because you are going to do it and the rest of your flock will just envy your creation.
But you asked what is there to create? Don't worry, as long as there is the will, you will find it somehow.
After you have decided that you will create something, your mind will subconsciously seek out opportunities.
You will also begin to look at things differently, although you are not conscious of it.
The next thing is to start on the habit of asking yourself 'why not this' and 'why not that'.
The trick is to put a lot of question marks in your mind.
Let those questions simmer there for a while.
When the time is right, an answer will pop up from no where! Here is another exercise to surprise you.
Let us say you have not drawn any thing since you last left school.
Let us also assume that you are not at all good in drawing and painting.
Now, take a large piece of drawing paper and clip it on a makeshift easel (you need some imagination to improvise this).
Go and get yourself some fresh new pastel colors, either from the neighborhood convenience store or the shopping mall.
Now start painting your masterpiece.
But what subject to paint? No matter, just close your eyes and visualize.
You will see something and you will use the brush to paint an outlook (you don't need to sketch a skeleton first) of what you saw in your mind.
At first it might look horrible.
Never mind.
The purpose of this exercise is not to show your painting prowess, but to show that 'you' are capable of a creation.
You need not finish the painting at one short, but take your time and paint a little bit at a time.
You will be surprised that the little bit of painting over time will make your masterpiece really unique.
Every time you add some brush strokes, your painting takes a new form.
When you have finished, or you are satisfied with the artwork, put it aside and take a good look at it sometime later.
Perhaps you are not very satisfied with your artwork, but don't under estimate your own ability, for out there somewhere, there will be someone who would appreciate your masterpiece.
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder! If you think your artwork will not make it to the Louvre, don't sulk, just do another one.
The fact that you have started and done something is already a great achievement, as there are thousands of others out there who have just wished in their mind and have done nothing instead! If you are not interested in creating an art piece, just use the same method to start up what you have wished to do.
You can write an article, a book, or even invent something.
So don't short change yourself, you are capable of doing great things, just give yourself 'that chance' so many of us denied ourselves.
Yap Tat Meng Inventor, author and marketer.
More of the author's unconventional ideas on creativity and inventing methods can be found in his inventing things
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