God Makes Provisions

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In Joshua 24, verses one through six, God reminds Israel of what He has done for them.
He had stipulations in those provisions.
Israel would let go of the false gods that have done nothing for them thus far.
God brought them out of a lot.
He tells Israel to serve no other god and serve Him.
He will continue to provide and protect them as long as they are obedient to His laws/commandments.
Let us dig into the text to say what God is trying to tell us through His word.
Do we understand the magnitude of God's mercy, grace and love? I know a god who provides for those who are in covenant with Him.
He makes provisions for us as He did for Israel.
For that I am grateful.
God will not go back on what He speaks.
God is a man that He shall lie or go back on His word (Numbers 23:19).
God always holds up His end of the bargain.
We must learn to keep ours.
In verse 12, God sent a hornet ahead of Israel to bring havoc upon Israel's enemies.
The hornets stung them and made horrific noises that gave Israel the advantage in the war.
God is giving us the advantage in the wars that we fight with the enemy.
Those who are within the covenant of God will always be victorious in the end no matter how it looks.
He promised Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob that their seed will multiply and their seed will live on a land flowing with milk and honey.
That promise was fulfilled to those who obeyed God.
Our promises will come through obedience of His word.
We see that God has furnished Israel with everything they needed.
He blesses us with everything we need as well.
(healing, deliverance, comfort in affliction, shelter, food) Ask Elijah.
(I Kings 17).
In verse 13, God tells us that He has given Israel land that they did not work for, cities that they did not build and Israel was able to dwell in them because of God's promise.
He gave them vineyards and oliveyards that they did not plant so that they could eat.
Why do we worry today when God has given us all that we need because of His promise to His children? God tells us in Matthew 21:22, that whatever we ask in prayer, believing, we shall receive.
Psalms 105:39-41 tells us that God provided quail, bread, and water for Israel.
He will do it for us.
God did not ask Israel for a lot.
He is not asking us for a lot either.
He wanted them to fear (reverence) Him and put no other god before Him.
The same commands apply to us.
God asked Israel to fear and serve Him with sincerity and truth.
That means that God asked Israel to reverence Him.
Give Him the respect that He deserves.
He has brought them out of so many critical situations.
God has brought us from chaotic situations, broken heartedness, and sicknesses.
We must remember that and continue to obey Him.
That is the least we can do.
God asked Israel to serve Him and to put no other god before Him.
God has repositioned Israel.
He has brought them to a new and better place.
He is telling them not to Don't go back.
We must not go back.
We must take our pick, will we serve God or someone or something else? As long as we continue to put God first in our lives, we will be taken care of.
If we put Him first, reverence will come.
When we reverence God, it drives God to move in our lives at a more aggressive pace.
God told us that He will make provisions (blessings) for us when we walk in obedience to His word (Deuteronomy 11:26-27).
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