Against All Expectations

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No one gave him a chance; he was not well rated and was never among the favorite.
His preparation was nothing to write about, the resources were not made available.
Nevertheless, those working with him believed in him: in his leadership.
The Y made things work for him; they were determined just as he was.
They made their strength his strength and his strength theirs.
They worked with him and were always ready to die for his Cause.
They saw him as their mentor and role model they were always ready and prepared for him to give them their next duty.
They worked with him as a team and paid the prize to achieve the same goal.
Humility and honesty became their watchword and they stood by it.
Unity became their food and drink; daily they eat and drink.
They were always ready to learn from him yet he remained humble and focused.
And they became more encouraged and believed more in him.
Against all odds, the rejected stone has now become the most vital.
The most sort after and most celebrated.
The one who was once written off now has his name written on every wall.
He has become the source of inspiration to many; everyone wants to be associated with him.
With steadfastness, dedication, dedication, persistence, prayer, continuity, perseverance etc.
you will scale the huddles before you, the mountains will become plain.
Focus on your potential and believe in yourself.
Disregard the obstacles before you and be determined to achieve what you have set before you to achieve.
Always have it at the back of your mind that, those that have made it today, are those who have failed to live by the conclusion of people and have worked with determination, focus, dedication etc.
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