How To Get Self Confidence: 5 Tips For Building Your Self Confidence

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They say that self confidence is all in your mind.
And to an extent that's true.
But when you're sitting or standing there, a nervous quivering wreck, it can be hard to believe that you're the one who's creating your lack of confidence.
Here are five tips to build your self confidence.
Stop slouching!
Standing up straight sends signals to the rest of your body that naturally say that you're brimming over with self confidence rather than cowering.
Think about it: everyone you have ever met who seems to have an abundance of confidence sits or stands up straight, shakes your hand firmly and is generally aware of how their posture is reflecting well on themselves.
Speak up for yourself
The question "are you a man or are you a mouse?" is cliched.
But it's also true.
If your instant reaction is to fade into the background then that in turn sends a signal to your self confidence that you should be meek and obedient, bowing to everyone else's wants and needs.
Speak up for yourself - in non-threatening situations at first - and you'll find that it actually works.
People probably won't shout you down (unless whatever you said was completely dumb) and they may even start to respect your opinion.
If you find this too much of a struggle in real life, start in a chat room or a forum and bask in the glory of other people actually respecting your opinion for once.
Stop sitting at the back
It's not just the troublemakers who sit at the back of the room.
It's also the people who are afraid they might have to say something and contribute.
Sit at the front of the room and make a conscious effort to join in and contribute - ideally without turning beetroot red in the process but if that happens, so what.
You'll find that your self confidence soon starts to blossom when you do this as you'll realize that you're actually saying worthwhile things and that your friends and peers are noticing and maybe even thanking you for saying what they were thinking but were too worried to speak about themselves.
Get some exercise
There's an outside chance that you'll get more toned when you do this - and our physical appearance has a big effect on our self confidence - but the important thing is that exercise is a way to literally get pumped up.
When we exercise, our bodies produce a feel-good chemical called endorphins.
These make their way around our bodies and are our body's way of getting a natural "high" without recourse to drugs or alcohol or other artificial stimulants.
You'll naturally boost your self confidence with even the slightest amount of extra exercise.
Smile more often
People lacking in self confidence rarely smile.
Make a habit of smiling (but not grinning inanely!) more often.
Say thank you when you've been served in a shop or restaurant.
Or even when the cashier asks you if you'd like today's offer and you have no intention of taking them up on it.
Just a simple "Thanks for asking" accompanied by a smile will boost your self confidence more than you'd ever imagine.
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