Safety Around The Pool

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Swimming has numerous benefits, and it's something which is popular with both adults and children.  People find that it will make great exercise, and it's an enjoyable activity for family and friends.  Actually caring for a public swimming pool or a even a personal one is a lot to be responsible for.  All pools need to be made more safe for the sake of anyone who uses the pool.  Lifeguards are required to save lives for public pools, and there should be an adult present for swimming in private pools.  Each pool needs emergency equipment nearby, such as life preserver rings, life jackets and even mats specifically made for the ground around pools, so that swimmers will not slip and fall down.  Dangerous accidents can take place in a pool and around it, and the risk if even worse if precautionary measures are not taken.  It is unfortunate, but accidental drownings are the second leading cause for accidental deaths in children and teens up to the age of fourteen. Whether running a public pool or you have a private pool, you ought to do all that you can to ensure that the pool is as safe an area as is possible.  

Pool safety can come about in many ways.  First, make sure you barricade the pool properly. It's recommended that a fence at least four feet tall be put in place.  Make sure the slats in the gate are close enough alongside one another so that kids can't slide between them.  There must be a lock on all of the gate doors. For private residence pools, it's wise to install an audible alarm so if the gate is opened, an alarm will warn you in the house. There should be nothing that is placed up against the gate that can be utilized to help people climb over the fence such as, stools, chairs, boxes, planters, etc.   An indoor pool such as one at a community center does not have to be barricaded because it is already indoors.  There are also lifeguards on duty at community or public pools to guarantee the safety of the swimmers. 

If you should have a private pool on your private property, make sure that all windows and doors are secured adequately so that children inside the house can't sneak outside to the pool alone.  It is an incredibly wise move to make certain that your children understand how to swim at a very young age. Kids can begin to learn to swim before they even walk.  Even if your child has had swimming lessons and is comfortable in the water, do not ever leave a child alone in a swimming pool. Don't overestimate your little one's swimming abilities; always watch over them. 

When young children are having fun playing at a pool, they generally tend to get excited and might be tempted to run.  Make sure you enforce the rule to never run around a pool.  The surface gets wet and if a child runs, they can easily fall and injure themselves.  If a child has not yet learned how to swim, running around the side of a pool can be particularly dangerous.  It is rather vital that you surround your pool with a pool mats.  While you may have told your kids 50 times to not run around the pool, they can forget in a second and do it anyway.  Having a mat that can protect kids from slipping on a wet surface is an extremely smart idea. 

There should never be any toys left in or around the pool any time if no one is swimming at the moment.  A child may go looking for their toy, notice it in the pool and try to reach for it. Another safety measure is to have a pool cover installed that can cover the pool anytime the pool isn't being used. 

Making sure to follow each one of these safety measures at all times can help everyone to remain safe. 
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