Lose The Fat - A Personal Experience

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In my life, I have tried several diets with mixed results.
I thought it would be good to share my experience in the hope that it might help someone.
It has not been easy, and, at times, it wasn't hard.
It has been interesting with regard to advice that has been given by "experts".
I have now chosen to take what I call a "sensible" approach.
One of the diets that I tried was the so called "low fat" diet.
The general theory is that the less fat you eat, then the more weight you will lose.
Sounds and looks good on paper, doesn't it? So, with the strong intent to lose the fat, I made a start on it.
Working with the dietician, I reduced the amount I was eating as well as reducing the fat content.
The strangest thing happened, I put weight on! How is that supposed to happen? I should be losing weight, getting fitter and healthier.
All that was happening to me was that I was hungry, not happy and a bit hacked off.
What was I doing wrong? I was walking and doing cardiovascular, but, it just kept on going up.
According to the media and "diet industry" and eating the "low fat" foods, this is supposed to be the "ideal" way to lose the fat.
I even stopped taking sugar in my cup of tea.
I used to take 2, then I reduced it down to 1, then 1/2 and finally none.
I gave up a lot of things in the name of losing weight.
This wasn't fair.
I eventually decided to come off this diet and go back to what I was eating before.
The weight returned to what I was before, but, I couldn't go back to drinking tea with sugar! The other issue was that a lot of "low fat" food usually had extra salt and sugar to make it taste good.
That didn't help either, it was difficult enough.
I had to check everything I was eating.
No fun at all.
One of my other forays into the world of diets was the low carb or "Atkins" diet.
Wow, I thought, initially, this is great! I could eat as much as I want and lose weight at the same time.
I thought I'd found it, the diet that would help me "get there".
I wasn't hungry, tired or miserable.
I felt wonderful.
At last, a diet that I could do and follow.
That is, until after losing about 3 stone, I hit a plateau.
Nothing would kickstart it off again.
It became frustrating and slightly annoying.
Considering that I was doing so well and that this time I did lose the fat, well, some of it.
It was the best result I'd had.
I still had a fair way to go with losing weight.
What could I do? It was then that I did some research on the internet.
Finally I found a website that spoke sense and pretty much was saying similar to what I was saying.
It was time to stop listening to the media, being brainwashed, to be pushed into a box with a tick next to it.
Excuse the pun, but, I fitted into more than one box.
I wasn't just an X, I was an X with a bit of Y, Z and C.
It was personal to me unlike the diet industry who don't me.
I now prefer this new route, it is easy and straight forward to follow, it makes sense.
The main thing is that it allows me to be me.
Don't you want to be that way? If so, take a step back and take a new look, a different approach.
Be free to be you.
After all, you are unique.
You've probably heard it before.
But, don't let your current circumstances rule or affect you.
You take control of your life and be happy with both yourself and, equally important, with life.
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