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Meet other stay-at-home moms to make mom friends who've got your back. If you don't, you're isolating yourself in stay-at-home motherhood, which is one of the loneliest places on the planet. Sure, you'll be surrounded by people just about 24/7 but you'll be living in kiddie-land with little ones who speak in three-word sentences.


Are you in awe of your kids as they simply walk up to another child on the playground and make friends within seconds?

Follow their lead and make your own friends on the playground or at the park.
When your child finds someone she likes to play with on the playground, introduce yourself to the mom. You may just have a win-win situation on your hands if you like the mom because you already know your children enjoy playing together.

Play Dates

Here's a mom secret. Play dates aren't just for kids. They're for moms too.
You only need one mom friend to get a play date started. Ask her to invite one mom friend, she then invites a friend and so on. Pretty soon, your play date is a party and everyone's meeting new people they wouldn't have otherwise.

Mom Groups

Did you know there are specific groups just for moms to meet each other? The groups provide fellowship, inspiration and even educational outings so you can be an even better mom than you already are.

Look for mom groups in  your area, such as MOPS or MOMS Club. There may even be a moms' group tailored specifically to moms in your city or region.


If you attend church, you may not necessarily know all of the moms in your congregation.

With so many church services, you may have moms coming and going at different times.
Look for the moms picking up their kids from the church nursery and say hello. Ask your church if you can put an announcement on the bulletin board that you would like to set up a playgroup. Your common beliefs are a great foundation and you can build your friendship from there.


Meeting people online sounds scary but the Internet has linked countless stay-at-home moms who never would have met otherwise. Use your favorite search engine to find local sites that have information on groups in your area or look at to find established playgroups.

Storytimes at the Library or Bookstore

Most libraries and bookstores have storytimes where kids can come together to hear stories, see puppet shows and participate in a variety of activities. These are great locations for you to find new friends too.
While the kids are engaged in projects, you can talk to the other moms. Go regularly and you'll run into other moms who bring their kids regularly too. You'll have an easy way to introduce yourself if you and the other mom are continually running into each other at storytime.

Everywhere You Go

When you have your kids in tow, you'll undoubtedly have opportunities to meet new mom friends. It doesn't matter if you're in line at the toy store or picking up the apples your toddler just dumped on the floor at the grocery store.
Your kids will wave at other kids. You'll pass along a sympathetic look when a fellow mom is dealing with her child's temper tantrum. These life moments are easy ways to start a conversation with another mom.

As your kids wave at other kids, say hi to the mom too. As the mom deals with a child in full-blown public meltdown mode, tell her you've been there and help her out. This could be the start of a beautiful friendship.
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