Analyzing Self - Destructing Habits

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All of us are characterized by a mixture of positive and negative emotions and behaviors.
Some try to temper the negative aspects in their lives, while others freely yield to them.
Smoking, overeating or drug abuse are self-defeating habits that damage one's character.
The most often encountered cause for starting to smoke is the desire to feel cool, sophisticated or as belonging to a certain group.
Although it doesn't feel natural or pleasant, the feeling that you get when holding a cigarette makes you continue smoking.
In some cases, insecurity and anxiety push one to start having this habit and it usually manifests during late adolescence.
However, if those who adopt it had known the trigger reasons for it, they would probably search for alternative habits or behaviors.
Nevertheless, awareness doesn't necessarily prevents one from smoking, In spite of knowing and understanding the motive behind, they still do it.
Many smokers speak about the urge to light a cigarette at certain times, this urge being of emotional nature.
For example, you have to take an exam or an interview and you feel anxious.
This may represent the trigger to have a smoke.
Smokers believe that, by doing so, they alleviate somehow the anxiety and if they do not comply to the urge, the emotion enhances.
The same pattern is applicable to substance abusers and over-eaters.
These three types of behavior are usually based on the same emotional triggers and, at the beginning, they are easier to control.
You start by smoking a cigarette, eating something or taking drugs when you feel sad or anxious and the result is that you feel a little or a lot better (if we are to think about drugs that give a high).
Thus, you associate the state with the activity and you repeat the pattern whenever unpleasant emotions assail you, but next time with a higher amount of cigarettes, food or drugs.
Others have less extreme habits or behaviors for which they cannot always account.
For example, some prefer to seat in certain areas in a restaurant or movie theater, avoid certain people, choose a specific type of food.
There are persons who immediately and automatically react when speaking to a male with long hair, people in military uniform or wearing religious garb.
We often experience fear or caution when interacting with a person who is very different from us.
These emotions can turn into other emotion and behavior that involve you avoiding the respective person, experience some negative feelings or adopt hostile attitude manifested through negative comments.
If you start backwards, from your behavior to your emotions, you can find their causes and better understand why you do what you do.
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