How to Learn Handstands

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    • 1). Make sure your body can get into the handstand position. Stand with your back to a wall and bend over, placing your hands on the ground as far out as necessary to be comfortable. Spread your fingers to help distribute your body weight. Slowly walk your feet up the wall into a handstand. If you can, move your hands closer to the wall as you walk your feet up.

      If being in the handstand position is uncomfortable or you lack the upper body strength to hold the position for long, continue this exercise every day until it is comfortable. When you can do this with ease, move on to the next exercise.

    • 2). Face the wall. With your hands on the floor six inches from the wall, position yourself as though you are a sprinter about to start a race. One leg should be straight behind you and one leg should be bent. Push off on the bent leg and kick your legs up to the wall. Don't worry about kicking too hard, because the wall will prevent you from flipping over. Hold this position for as long as possible, using the wall to keep you up.

    • 3). Continue to practice against the wall, trying to find your balance and alignment in the handstand position. Experiment with flat feet and pointed toes, with your spine straight or slightly curved and with the weight on different parts of your hands.

      When you think you have found your balance, try to pull your feet away from the wall so that you are in a handstand without the wall’s support. Next, try to kick up into a handstand without having to catch yourself on the wall. When you are no longer relying on the wall to help you balance, you are ready to move on to the next exercise.

    • 4). Begin doing handstands in the middle of the floor. If you feel yourself going too far over, tuck your chin into your chest and roll forward out of the handstand. This will prevent injuries as you work on mastering your handstand. Keep practicing until you can consistently kick up into a handstand and hold the position.

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