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We are now officially deep into the New Year.
How are you doing? If you are answering with a litany of shoulda- coulda- wouldas, please don't beat yourself up any further.
You've heard the saying stop shoulding all over yourself? I love that one! Now that's three new words added to my Word Dictionary.
Did you know that no matter what, you are on your path? Have you considered that lately? If you are a healer, medium, coach or a light worker of some sort, you may have already experienced the phenomenon of attracting clients who have the same, or quite similar issues to your own.
Funny how that works! Well not so funny sometimes.
I counsel myself as I pose the question of whether you've considered that no matter what, you are on your path.
Let's face it, there is a lot of media and societal pressure we feel at the top of the year to change our lives! Make that decision now and then somehow; some kind of magic will take over.
I do believe magic is involved, coupled with divine intervention, but we don't wake up on the morning of January 2nd and from that day forward get up out of bed like a pistol, ready to change the world and fix our own.
A dear friend of a mine and client, Patrick says all of us wake up into our human-ness.
There's another new word for Word.
The angels want us to know that the days we feel like things aren't going right, or our projects are at a standstill; we are still on the path.
Vision boards and magic boxes are truly helping us pull from another realm.
We also access that realm, when we choose to come from our consciousness instead of our human-ness which would like to stay asleep and delay us one more day.
A beloved client of mine who'd recently changed jobs; moved and gotten divorced all in the span of 2009 asked me when she was actually going to change her life.
My heart and then my jaw fell on the floor.
She'd worked so hard following her guidance courageously and fiercely yet she still felt like she wasn't hitting the mark.
The Angels really want us to get that we are on our paths "and" we can let go and coast for awhile.
Spread your wings then let the wind carry you.
I've attracted a few perfectionists with ground breaking ideas and big dreams.
They tend to be hard on themselves too.
I have true compassion for them 'cause I can relate.
Together we are learning to cultivate balance.
Perhaps your goals for this year need revision.
Have you added the spiritual component? Maybe that was missing.
Look closer at a six day weekly workout schedule.
Does that leave time for rest and reflection? Two college classes instead of three would still get you that degree, as well as having time with your loved ones and for fun.
Our Angels are like coaches and managers for us.
We don't have to do it all by ourselves or all by this year.
Remember to call on them when it seems like things are not flowing.
From the beginning they have always been with you on your path.
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