Turn Off the TV and Start Brain Training Your Whole Family!

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Do you like to watch television? The news to stay updated, a drama series to be drawn into and forget about daily life for a while, maybe the football? No problem, as long as you don't watch too long too often.
Research shows that while you watch TV your brain goes into a kind of laziness since it has nothing to do other than absorbing what you're seeing.
Too much TV is certainly not good to keep your brain fit and sharp.
This does not only apply to people who are slowly entering into their so-called golden years.
Of course, whilst we grow older, our body and our mind degenerate bit by bit and to keep them in shape you have to train both regularly.
But too much television already harms the young brain as well.
Children who are clung to the TV develop a less active brain than children who play outside, read a book or do sports.
So if you want your (grand)children to have an active brain, you should stimulate them to do such things and put a strict limit to daily watching the TV.
Increasing your brain potential is what we all should do to stay sharp for as long as we live.
Nobody likes the slow loss of memory which starts by not remembering where you put your car keys, or your reading glasses.
If this happens to you regularly, you know it is high time to take action.
If you were used to keep your brain active, you will pick up quite easily.
If that is not the case, you really should consider training your brain every day for about 15 minutes.
Thanks to recent research we know that our brain improves by physical exercise as well.
Taking a half hour's walk every day can work wonders already, and it is good for your body as well.
That's two birds with one stone.
Furthermore you should put your brain to a challenge, so it has to work harder than it is used to.
That's what the 15 minutes are for.
Quizzes (on TV), puzzles, or games can be a great help.
Don't make it too hard on yourself so you get frustrated, but don't do too easy thing either.
Challenge is the keyword here.
By challenging your brain each and every day, taking it a step further if the level becomes too easy, you will be amazed at what your brain has accomplished in a few weeks time.
You want another two birds with one stone? Play games with your children, the kind of memory games that you all have to put some energy in.
Both you and your kids will have fun, some quality time whilst you're at it and train all the brains assembled at the table! Sounds like even more birds to me...
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