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Spinal Cord Tumors

Find WebMD's comprehensive coverage of spinal cord tumors including medical reference, news, pictures, videos, and more.

Body Size and Polyp Risk

Yay! More pressure to lose weight! If your body size is bigger than you'd like it to be, you've probably already thought about ways to trim down and reasons to do it. Well, here's one more.

India: A Cancer Treatment Destination for Nigerian Patients

Cancer not only taxes your emotions, your associations, your time but also your pocket. The treatment of the disease is expensive and becoming increasingly more so with the advent in technology and new innovations in ...

Detecting Lung Cancer the Easy Way

Lung cancer is a serious killer and unless it is detected in its early stages it can spread quickly to other parts of the body like the heart, chest cavity and into the bloodstream. Apparently and according to a recent study there are now cancer sniffing-smelling dogs that can detect cancer in the b

Chocolate Models of Yumminess May Help Breast Cancer

Chocolate models of yumminess filled with antioxidants, means there are health benefits of chocolate, and may help symptoms of breast cancer.No need to feel guilty by enjoyingdark chocolate candy. Eating chocolate models of dark chocolate candy, is good for you!For women all over the world, deciding

Talking About Breast Cancer

I have lately noticed something that I hadn’t realized before and that is that most people seem to have a very hard time talking about breast cancer


As a woman, you have to perform multifaceted tasks that come your way as a daughter, sister, wife and then a mother. Apart from this, we, the females leave no stone unturned at our workplaces ...

5 Foods That Are Great for Your Colon

The short list of super foods for your colon might just surprise you. Most people know the health benefits of fruits and vegetables, but here are some newcomers to the table.

Treatments For Colon Cancer - What You Must Know

Treatments for colon cancer offer more choices than you might think. You may be feeling overwhelmed right now and fearful about your future, but you can educate yourself and take some control of both your treatment and your life.

Bile Duct Cancer Prognosis

The bile duct is a narrow tube that connects the liver to the small intestine. Its function is to carry bile (which helps to digest fat in the food we eat) from the gallbladder and liver to the small intestine. Bile duct cancers (or cholangiocarcinomas) are rare (only about 2,000 cases are diagnosed

Effectiveness of Mushrooms in Cancer

Mushroom extracts are very effective in preventing and curing cancers. It provides you with anti cancer properties and you can safely consume it for a long time without any side effects.

Sports, Breast Cancer, and Sports Bra

Feared and dreaded, cancer is the most terrible threat that could happen to a family and to every being. The most widespread disease to women is breast cancer and an uncertainty as to acquiring it ...