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Easy Vegetarian Couscous Salad Recipe

An easy vegetarian and vegan couscous salad recipe with chickpeas and cucumbers in a light lemon Dijon dressing with chopped fresh parsley. Couscous salad is always a good choice to bring to a vegetarian potluck or picnic.

What Do Small Salamanders Eat?

Salamanders are amphibians, meaning that they live in or near water, but also spend time on land. Often mistaken for reptiles, "sallies" bear a certain resemblance to lizards. Three types exist: aquatic, semi-aquatic and terrestrial. Each term describes where the species spends its life cycle. All s

Genuine wine reviews

Wines are available in different types, forms and variants as they are not provided through just a specific vineyard. There are many companies and organizations all around the globe who are involved i

The Gist of Magic Mushroom Spores

Spores are known as the specialised cells belonging to the fungus that has the ability to work dispersal or as resting propagules. Each and every spore generates another individual of its own species.

Bbq Pork Meatloaf Au Gratin

This recipe was from an old friend of my Mothers. She was tired of making basic meatloaf with ground beef and decided to try to make it with ground pork. It was an instant hit. Once she added the cheese and the BBQ sauce, it became a family staple. What I enjoyed about this recipe the most is that I

Cucumber Hummus

Add fresh cucumber to traditional hummus for a fresh new taste.

How to Make an Artist's Special Cocktail

The Artist's Special cocktail was invented at the Artists' Club at Rue Pigalle in Paris, France. Though little is known about the date is was created, it has been referred to as the "ink of inspiration" at the Bal Bullier in Paris, a long-defunct bar that served many famous writers and visual artist

How to Make Skewered Lemongrass Shrimp

This interesting dish uses stalks of lemongrass as skewers. The lemongrass gives the shrimp a pleasant light lemon flavor, and your guests will marvel at your ingenuity. This recipe makes a dozen skewers, which will feed about six people.

Sugar Substitutes & Equivalents

Sugar substitutes supply the sweetness of sugar without the refined, empty calories of white sugar. Some substitutes are lower in calories, but others are higher in calories with a sweeter taste, so less is needed. Knowing how to use sugar substitutes to replace sugar in your cooking and table-use w

milk thistle liver benefits

Because of these reasons, the intake of silymarin most effective when done through injections. On the consumer orally, to achieve the benefits of milk thistle should be concentrated form to be taken."

How to Clean Peanut Oil After Frying

Peanut oil is frequently used for frying because it has a high smoke point. This means it can be heated to very high temperatures before the oil starts to smoke. When using large amounts of peanut oil, the oil can be reused after frying. You must clean the oil, as food particles in the oil will go b

The Role of Yeast in Beer

Before Louis Pasteur discovered the role of yeast in the process of fermentation, it was thought that the secret to fermentation was contained in large wooden sticks

How to Make Dried Figs From Fresh Ones

All those fresh figs at the farmer's market and the grocer look so plump and luscious, but often the attempt to create dried figs from fresh ones results in a soupy mush or in hardened little husks. Food dehydrators don't work well for figs, and the old-fashioned method of sun-drying them isn't prac

Brewing Growth With New Offerings

Devans Modern Breweries Ltd. is one of the leading Beer Companies that offers the finest quality of beer, with a delicate blend of ingredients. They are serving mainly top three brands of beer such as, Godfather Lite, Godfather Lager and Godfather Strong at reasonable prices.

Shrimp and Asparagus Salad

This seafood salad is made with asparagus and shrimp. Seafood salad recipe with Russian dressing.