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How to Remove Condensation From a Breitling Watch

Breitling watches are on the higher end of the jewelry market. If condensation started to appear on the inside of the face of your Breitling, it wouldn't be long before it corroded the insides of your four-figure accessory. You'll want to move to get the condensation out before long-term damage happ

Irregular Choice

This wonder from Irregular Choice would be striking in any color or pattern, but Pale Blue? That's just crazy.

How to Determine Bra Size

As many as 60 percent of women are currently buying -- and wearing -- the wrong bra size. If your bra feels like it's slipping and sliding or digging into your flesh, chances are you might be wearing the wrong size bra. Follow these simple steps to determine your correct bra size!

PINK Yankees Tee

The very first Victoria's Secret PINK store just opened on Broadway in New York City's Soho shopping district, and I was there to check it out. Along with the adorable undies and sweats you're familiar with, there are also many limited-edition New York PINK items that are exclusive to

How to Have Bohemian Hair, Makeup & Clothes

Bohemianism is an outlook on life, a state of being and a way of interacting with the world. It has come to define generations of outsiders and free spirits, with creative people flocking to this attitude of living and discarding materialism and other social shackles. The movement has also inspired

What Skills Are Required for Fashion Design?

Fashion design is the dream career of many women and men alike, regardless of age. However, few realize the talent, diligence and dedication that this line of work requires. If you are an aspiring fashion designer, ask yourself if you already possess or are prepared to work at developing and improvi

Beauty Tip:Perfect Eyebrows

Perfectly shaped eyebrows will enhance the look of your eyes, your face and will accentuate your makeup while; ill kept, unruly eyebrows will hide the beauty of your eyes.

Hairstyles for Women With Long Hair & in Their 40s

OverviewJupiterimages/Pixland/Getty ImagesWhile it is the norm for women over 40 to have short hair, there are still many stylish ways that you can have your hair long. An important issue to consider when having long hair is the time it takes to style it. Make sure it will fit into your...

How to Make Your Shirts Shrink

Wearing a shirt that is too large can make you appear bigger and you won't have a neat appearance. All sizes are not created equally, so a shirt listed in your size may not fit precisely. This is a problem when you really want a shirt, but they only have a particular size. There are ways to make you

How to Apply Black Hair Wigs

Some black hair wigs come in a variety of textures, from straight to curly or even afro-textured. These wigs can be applied just like all other wigs onto the head. Depending on the texture that you choose, you may need to tease and style the hair so that it falls into place. You might even need to p

Caruso Steam Rollers Instructions

Caruso Steam Rollers curl hair by heating one foam curler at a time with steam. The moist heat from the steam system helps the hair to receive and hold the curl more effectively. Caruso Steam Curlers are simple to use and can help you create a new hairstyle fairly quickly.

Ivanka Trump Shoes

Featuring lace overlays, these Ivanka Trump shoes are as unique as they are pretty.

How to Clear Blackheads & Shrink Pores

According to the Mayo Clinic, blackheads occur when the openings of hair follicles become blocked by dead skin cells and bacteria. The end result is a small black mark on the skin. One culprit that may also be causing blackheads is oil secretions seeping from enlarged pores. During puberty, the pore

How to Cover Up Razor Bumps

When going to the beach, a woman doesn't want to have to worry about redness or irritation along her bikini line. Also, a man wants to look smooth and clean for a fancy party rather than bumpy and itchy. However, razor bumps are a common problem, especially for people with thick, curly hair. And

How to Make Flower Pomanders

Are you looking to make your own flower arrangements for a wedding or other special occasion? Look no further! A flower pomander is a ball of flowers that hangs from the ceiling. The flower pomander is also called a "kissing ball." These beautiful bouquets of flowers can make a stunning showcase of

Experience Aloe Vera Benefits

When many people think of aloe they usually think of the soon after sun gel that people wear when they have uses up. What people typically don't realize is that aloe has many different advantages of offer a various different people.