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Choosing an Elliptical Trainer

How many people know that they should be exercising but they don't? Too many. That's why obesity is such a massive problem along with associated health problems such as heart disease, sleep apnea [] and ...

Using a Heart Rate Monitor to Regulate Your Workout

Look around you. Almost everyone you know seems to be on a new exercise program. This is not an exaggeration by any means. According to estimates, more and more people are becoming more and more conscious and aware about their health, fitness and nutrition. This is because people seem to have realiz

New Technologies Supporting Cutaneous Laser Treatment

Fractional resurfacing C02 and Er:YAG lasers have traditionally been used in ablative resurfacing procedures. They target tissue water and non-specifically ablate layers of skin to varying depths. Significant improvements can be obtained with these lasers in the treatment of scars (including those f

Help Prevent Sports Injuries in Children With Vitamin D

"It's just a simple fracture; your child will be fine in 6 weeks. No gym until I clear him." Sometimes it seems as if the slings and casts for broken bones are standard issue for active kids and teens. Advice to prevent injuries usually centers on better conditioning, using, not just

How to Get Rid of Belly Fat of Bed Bugs?

Increase physical activity Proper exercise will help to achieve as quickly remove the stomach and sides for men. To get started, enter in the habit of not less than 1km walk daily. Before that, good ...

NFL Tailgating

There are many other aspects to tailgating that make tailgating a very sacred weekly event during football season. Little things like food, drinks, or even extra things like a football or a bean bag c

Didrex: Faster Remedy in Severely Affecting Obesity

'Obesity is the cause of many physical and psychological troubles' even a child knows this thing very well. Medical science associates obesity with some severely affecting diseases. Everyone who is suffering from obesity tries to ...

Mercury Fillings and Your Health - Things You Need to Know Now

Dental amalgam contains significant amounts of mercury, a heavy metal. Mercury accumulates in the organs and red blood cells, which also affects the central nervous system, kidneys, liver and the digestive tract. Having your dentist remove the dental fillings is only half the job: you need to rid yo

How to Deal With Hot Flashes

During mid-life a woman begins to experience menopause. Hot flashes and sweating are some of the symptoms that women experience during this time, and it can be uncomfortable. While going through menopause, many people will tell you that the heat generated by the body feels like a furnace that someon

Personal Grooming for Men - Let's Talk About Skin Care

For today's man, how he presents himself goes a long way with how he is perceived to be. First impressions are very important in both the business and social climates. Listed below, are some resources ...

What is a QEEG Brain Map?

What is a Brain Map? Do you need a QEEG Brain Map before starting neurofeedback therapy?

Michael Phelps Facts - True Athlete or a Joke?

Beijing 2008 Olympics are over, but they'll resonate in people's minds for a long time. The opening and closing ceremonies put together by host country of China count as the most spectacular performan

A Possible Treatment for Diabetes for Type - 2 Diabetes

Researchers at the College of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka, took a gander at shellfish or pearl mushrooms, and also abalone mushrooms as could be allowed medications for Sort 2 diabetes. Their study, investigated in the ...

Health Industry on the Peak

Rising fitness awareness among citizens have ensured that the business of gymnasiums is on the peak. Gyms in the cities are opening vary rapidly with big names/brands and many new local gyms coming up in ...