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Is MySpace Stealing Your Child's Future?

It is in and at many other virtual hangouts, that those teens find a home for their self-expression and a way to meet other teens online. They will routinely post images and videos, showcase their accomplishments, blog their thoughts and feelings, "hook-up" and hang out with ot

Fun Time With Children

Children are amazing. However, they are also demanding, exhausting and unpredictable. Explore some of the activities as suggested to engage you and your young ones in having a wonderful time getting to know each other.

Study: Fussy Babies Linked to ADHD Risk

Babies who cry excessively and have difficulty sleeping and feeding may be at increased risk for behavioral problems during childhood, including attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), a study shows.

Knowledge of Head Lice Facts helps you protect your children

Head lice are a problem affecting millions of people each year, causing unnecessary itching, scratching and infection of the scalp. Although anyone can contract head lice, the most commonly attacks children aged 3 and 12 ...

Helping Aging Parents Thrive

As your parents age, it can be difficult to maintain the same parent-child dynamic you've always had while increasingly taking on the role of caregiver. Whether your parents are enjoying an active retirement or are part of the community in a skilled nursing center or assisted living facility, t

Baby Shower Games That Are Sure To Please

Planning a baby shower is something that can be a little bit tricky. While the subject matter doesn't necessarily change, you want something that people haven't done a hundred times over. This is where the ...

American Horror Story

American Horror Story television show guide for parents of teens including blog articles, premise, talking points and internet resources.

Baby Bath Safety - This Fun Time Can Be Dangerous

Parents love the bath time experience with their baby. It is a fun and happy bonding time for them. Taking the necessary baby bath safety precautions will limit accidents and injury to your infant. When babies get wet from the bath water, they can become very slippery and hard to hold on to, so it i

Teaching Power Tool Safety To Children

Teaching power tool safety to children is a critical step of parenthood. Even if your son or daughter shows no interest in heavy-duty woodworking, metalworking, or construction, they will still need to learn how to protect themselves while other people are using power tools. Fortunately the method f

ADHD Behavioral Issues - 3 Investments You Must Make For Your Child

If we are looking at the main ADHD behavioral issues, we soon realize that the child's intelligence, creativity and sense of humor is not going to get us through! We will need to make a few investments in time, money and effort. In this article I am going to recommend buying three things which

Timeless Baby Toys: Better Than Technology?

In a world of technological gadgets and gizmos, the baby toys of today are a far cry from their ancestors of an era past. Modern parents can take a stroll down any toy aisle and find a bounty of electronic toys made from or encased in plastic that are designed to stimulate, teach, and thrill babies

Making Homemade Food is Better For Your Baby

Have you ever gone to your local grocery store and noticed that there are lots of manufactured baby foods and products available? I know I have and I sometimes wonder if these are nutritious enough for my baby. I also sometimes wonder about the price I think it's expensive or just priced so hig

How to Change Baby's Nappy

Nappy changing is one of those necessary skills all new parents need to learn. Let me take you through the basic steps.