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Playing With Other People' s Lives

The normal adult experiences the here and now clouded by the shadows of their formative years. As a result, they react to what they think is happening and to people that they think are there, rather than the real people before their very eyes. This leads us to misbehave, to treat even our loved ones

The Toughest Person To Lead Is Always Yourself

Time flies so fast for all of us. Focus on the important things in life and be happy with your efforts. With the years just flying by, what are we accomplishing with the life that God provided us. I don't feel like I'm doing enough, how about you?

Healing Your Relationship to Money and Abundance

Your relationship to money is a powerful symbol of your relationship to joy and abundance. If you don't have enough money, you probably need to heal your relationship to yourself, others and life. Yet even people who are financially well-off may fear losing their money, or be unable to spend it

Affirmations - 5 Fatal Mistakes

Did you ever have one of those days? What about a whole week of discouraging circumstances? Maybe even longer. Most of us have, and yet some people weather life's inevitable ups and downs more gracefully than others. One of their secrets to grace under pressure is positive self-talk, sometimes

Who Are You Being?

I want to focus your attention not just on the action/doing part of your goals, but on the being part. Are you going through life with joy in your heart, flowing with your inner intuition, feeling spacious and happy, or are you struggling to make things happen, reacting in anger towards people, feel

Concealment of Who We Are and How We Developed

Nearly everyone hopes that his or her children will grow up and have a better lifestyle than they have. As parents, we desire what is best for our children and hope they can have an easy time in life. We want our children to learn from our past mistakes. If we can enable them to avoid repeating the

Make The Law of Attraction Work For You!

We all have our individual talents. Some of us can run fast, draw, sing, dance, act, understand numbers, and do all sorts of things that other people aren't able to do either from lack of talent or lack of understanding on how the activity works.

The Four Best Excuses for Being Disorganized

So many of us fall victim to "stuffitis", we just have more stuff than places to store it all. Although the thought of sifting through your possessions seems like a daunting task, there are things you can do to make the job easier (and ultimately satisfying). Here's how to address the

Quick Organizing Tips From Assistance For You

Keeping on task and getting organized starts with a basic plan that can be implemented into everyone's daily work style. By following these simple steps, you too can be on your way to a more productive work environment.

Motivation - Lessons From A Jellyfish

Some time back, I visited an aquarium and came across a lonely jellyfish swimming elegantly in a tiny tank. I read the informational label, and it said: "The jellyfish has no brain, no spine and no blood." Hm... How can a brainless and spineless creature move about, sense danger and catch

The Power of Goals

In the year 1952, at Yale University, researchers decided to do a survey on the graduating batch of students. They asked these batch of students this question, "How many of you have got your goals written down?"

How Self Doubt Sabotages Your Success

Although having self doubt is common for many this 'cancer' can easily keep you from becoming successful! Read more to discover 5 ways your 'doubts' can easily keep you from building a profitable business online!