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Aloneness - Are You Alone?

Welcome to loneliness. Are you feeling alone? Accepting yourself will enable you to no longer suffer from loneliness.

Six Things Exceptional Mentors Do for the Ones They Mentor

It took me some time to understand how mentors impart wisdom and knowledge to the younger people they lead. Mentoring is a powerful tool for modeling leadership and life skills from one generation to another.I remember my first mentor who invited me to follow Jesus Christ and showed me how to walk t

Working Smart Vs Working Hard

There is a great difference between hard-work and smart-work. People however have a wrong notion; they think they can bring about great changes in their career if they work hard.

Imagination Control

Ever ponderedhow negative thoughts affect you? Haven't we all! What about positive thinking, can it effectively help us control our destiny, for the better?

A Psychic Hears: Everything Went Wrong Today!

Have you been having those days where everything went wrong? Are you in a period that feels like nothing is working right? You are not alone! Here are some explanations and tips for how to get through this time.

How To Talk To Girls And Women

What I am doing here is going over things about ways to pick up women. What I will say is that everyone that is in a position where they are nervous when in the company of women and lose the ability to speak, really do need some sort of help, and that is what this article is all about?

Get Over Procrastination and Start Living Your Life

Procrastination is a terrible habit that eats you and your life away. Recognizing that you have a habit of procrastination is not enough to stop it from further damaging your life! Start taking action against procrastination and living your life!

How To Start A Conversation And Stay Out Of The Awkward Silence Zone

One of the best ways to improve your social skills and become confident is to learn how to start a conversation. Being able to start a conversation is a very important skill to have but for many of us it can be a very intimidating task. This article explains how to start a conversation and how to ke

Do We Recognize Ourselves?

There are a very high percentage of us who do not recognize who and what we truly are. Our souls are here to learn and evolve. We have not come here to be other peoples cheer leaders; we are here to be our own cheer leaders.

Take On Internet Marketing Experts With These Top Tips

Internet marketing is like traditional marketing in many ways, but can be vastly different in others. A traditional marketing education or background doesn't guarantee you success, but many of the ideas you learn there can ...

Make Better Choices and Make Your Life Meaningful

Choice is what makes being human so wonderful. You can choose to either be a direct CREATOR of your daily circumstances or you can idle along through life and just be a CREATURE of your circumstances. Make the wise choice today and choose to see your world through abundant eyes. Stop only noticing s

Life - To be Respected

Heart is the root of everything. It can build hell and it can build heaven. To be respected one's personal conduct must be right. We are the architects of our own fate.

11 Forgotten Laws - Review

Have you ever wondered why the Law of Attraction doesn't work for you or only works sometimes but not all of the time? The answer is because the Law of Attraction has many other laws that were never mentioned in the movie The Secret. In fact, there are 11 Forgotten Laws that the movie never eve

Total Dependence on You - Tips on How to Achieve It

Human Beings by nature enjoy seeing other people depend on them. Even a new born baby would be happy seeing some people depend on him/her. The irony there is that in as much as people love to gain other peoples' total dependence/submission, all are not willing to pay the price attached to this