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Leadership Success 101 - Leadership And Training

When undergoing leadership and training techniques an individual is taught on all a lot of issues like supervising your employees, management and the leadership traits one should have to take their employees to success. This training session can be found online and managers can download them and rea

5 Great Ways to Rid Yourself of Doubt

Once you can conquer your self doubt, you can conquer the world. Literally. We will explore some great ideas as to how you can go about taking over the world!

This Week in Peace History

While reading This Week in Peace History, the author marvels at how much this resource focuses on violence. Citing her personal experience with domestic abuse, she describes how she heard a voice say, "You can have peace in the face of this." Quoting Thomas Merton and St. Francis of Assisi

The Breeding Ground of Sin

It's not unusual to hear preachers talking about "carnal Christians" who live with serious "spiritual compromise" in their lives -- calling themselves "Christian" but cheating in business or abusing their families or partying, taking drugs or sleeping around. But t

Torn Between Two Worlds

It was a Sunday afternoon and I was hanging out at Barnes and Noble bookstore, I had the side of my chair against the wall and my laptop on my lap. An hour earlier, I had just settled down after spending half an hour looking for a spot with power outlet so I could plug my computer and get some work

Conversations With My Dog - The H Word

If you met Zeus, you'd no doubt agree that he's a remarkable being. He's brilliant, unexpectedly funny, and wise beyond comprehensionhardly astounding for someone from a dimension as far advanced beyond the human race as we are beyond a pile of sand. What gets me is how much he loves

Top 2 Panic Attacks Treatments That You May Not Know

Panic attacks are difficult to treat because they are more related to thoughts and feelings rather than the physical aspects of our lives. What is worse, people around the victims often tend to underplay these ...

Attract Abundance By Getting Rid Of "Need"

Getting rid of the "needy" feelings opens the doors to so much. It allows your energy to flow freely through you, which will attract much abundance to you. This is very common with thoughts towards relationships and money.

Little Known Ways of a Master Hypnotist

Some words aren't simply words. They carry hidden power that influences people without them even realizing it. SWAT teams usethese techniques to disarm dangerous criminals having them meekly comply with instructions given. These techniques fall under conversational Hypnosis. In conversational h

NLP - 4 Steps to Overcome Any Limitation

In NLP, we talk a lot about limiting beliefs. That's those ideas, notions and understanding that are yours but that are toxic. You want to get rid of them and replace them with empowering beliefs to live a healthier life. Let me share with you one of the many neuro linguistic programming techni

Organize Your Home Office

The work from home experts will all agree that being organized is the key to staying on track with your workload. They may have different approaches, but here is a method I use.Hanging on my wall is a large dry erase marker whiteboard that is overlaid with a calendar grid.

Evaluating Your Associations (Part Two)

Look at the power of influence in our lives and how it is possible to be nudged off course a little at a time until finally, we find ourselves asking, "How did I get here?"We then asked three key questions:

Diet Plans And Menus - The Bikini Diet

Thinking about losing weight and getting in better shape? We briefly examine the Bikini Diet presenting its advantages and disadvantages, two days sample menus, and much more. This unbiased informatio

Quotes About Life

All through human history, leaders and common men alike have made Quotes. Quotes that so often; have inspired other human beings to perform great acts; heroic and noble. These Quotes about Life have been a source of inspiration to so many through times that; one can only marvel at the great minds th

10 Steps to Creating Your Inner Wealth Legacy

Do you want to be remembered for your estate or the difference you've made in the lives you touched? For most people wealth alone isn't fulfilling. Its using wealth to create and express what is ...

Example Maid Of Honor Speeches

It is an honor to be invited to attend a wedding ceremony. And imagine if you were asked to be the maid of honor? This could also mean that you are one of the few people who will have the chance to de

The Power of Self-Expression

Learning how to express who we truly are and what we desire in life is paramount to achieving success. Holding back what is important to us, and repressing our deepest visions for our future can only create discomfort in all the areas of our lives. Embracing our uniqueness and sharing that with the