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Did You Ever Think About Saying 'No'?

Sometimes bad things happen and we just give up. Why?... Why, when we can make a difference, a change, in what is happening in our lives at any time? If something bad is happening, we have the option of saying yes or no.

Maybe Tomorrow

I am recently back from 2 weeks holiday in the tropical paradise of Bali. There are so many clichs describing Bali that I will not repeat them or bore you with them here. Rather what ...

Giving Your Addiction To God - The Secret To Finding True Peace

My Name Is Jay and I'm an addict. I stood up in a 12 step meeting on August of 2002 and said those beautiful words that began my Miraculous Journey towards a beautiful new life. I surrendered my will to God that day and by his mercy and his grace I have never used drugs again.That's only t

When Creativity and Innovation Needs a Boost

When your creativity is at a low, and you need to overcome a problem, then you need inspiration to get those creative juices flowing. Try some of these ideas and solve those issues with innovative solutions.

Truth Takes Courage

For me truth has always been one of the most important understandings on my path to finding personal integrity and self-honour. I found it was worth all the gold in the world although for a time it seemed quite elusive. Seeking or searching for truth has many implications to us as individuals and as

FOCUS - The Golden Key to Productivity

Are you ambitious? Do you have many items on your 'things to achieve' list? Do you find that there are many things you want to accomplish but yet experience frustration with numerous demands competing for your time and attention? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then perhap

Leaders Must Be Willing To Take Bold Steps

Amongst the necessities of being a truly effective leader is the need for someone to be willing to take bold steps when it appears that one is needed. Far too often, timid individuals who ascend to positions of leadership, restrict their possibilities and effectiveness by refusing to consider doing

How We Achieve Our Goal.

We would focus more on goals and run for how to achieve them. How do we complete our dreams, what do we need to do to reallyachieve goals? Why do some peoples never achieve their goals? Ok then let's look some important steps that will make your goalvery clear.

Wanting More Out of Life and Pursuing It

Do not waste away your existence dreaming about what could be or what once was. This is a difficult concept for many people to grasp. While we should be striving to better ourselves, we need not feel depressed wanting more out of life. Keep things different to continually stimulate your excitement f

Elegance Suggestions That You Never Recognized About

Internal and exterior beauty can both be improved. Fortunately, increasing your exterior elegance is as simple as applying the tips and tricks defined under. Regardless of whether you seek to increase your beauty strategy or ...

The Ease Of Being In Flow

Have you ever experienced moments when everything seemed to just flow? Moments when you didn't have to struggle or fight or force things to happen? It's as if there were a giant hand holding a magic wand a few paces ahead of you at every step, magically shifting circumstances so that every

Exactly Why do You Wish to Do the Job Here

When I'm asked "Why would you like to work right here?" the simple truth is "because I am laid-off and I absolutely need income, I'll acquire almost any work at this time." How do I ...

Self Hypnosis Change - Changing Bad Habits With Self Hypnosis

Self hypnosis change is another variation of hypnosis treatment. Basically this is very much in the same manner as a therapist led session. The idea is to positively reinforcing one's self by the using one of the most powerful tools a person possess, the mind...

Goal Achieving Made Easy

Why do some people achieve goals while others wallow in mediocrity their entire life? The answer to this question will launch you into a goal achieving machine.

Growing a Relationship With God

Growing a relationship with God is simple! All of us were originally intended to have a relationship with God. God provided a way for our sins to be forgiven by sending His son Jesus to earth. When Jesus was crucified on the cross he provided a way to us to be forgiven and restore our relationship w